Keeping My Gourami Tanks Healthy

Discussion in 'Gouramis' started by Petdepartmentmanager, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Hi, I am so happy I came across this site tonight! I am a hobbyist, my husband and I have had tanks of varying sizes for over 12 years. However, the reason I have been up all night searching this site is "business" related. My tanks at work have been absolutely horrid since I came back from a special assignment that had me away from my work babies for 5 months. My gourami tank has been one of the worst. Currently the tank contains, blue paradise gouramis, blue gouramis, and the fancy neon gouramis. As of todays shipment there are probably 13 blue gouramis, 6 blue paradise, and 7 fancy neons. Unfortunately, as many of you, myself included, know that the vendors have a minimum stocking for each kind of fish. In this case in a business sense this tank (roughly 10gallons) is understocked, as each kind of fish in this tank is supposed to be kept at a minimum of 12. I try to fly under their radar and stock less than their minimum. At any rate, these babies just are a thorn in my side. I know a good bit of the attrition is due to the stress from the shipping, and without a better word for it, the vendor is equivalent to a puppy mill, in my opinion. But, even after the 72 hours they will give us credit for the dead ones, I'm still averaging roughly 5 or 6 out of this tank in a 5 day period. The thing is, they don't have ich, or the nasty cotton like bacterial infection either. I've been super vigilant with 10% water changes for the whole system every three days, if not more. I add the aquarium salt before the shipment arrives in the morning. And change the carbon filters and pre filters out every two to three week. The main thing I notice in their tank is an awful lot of waste. I've got a bottom feeder (synodoctis lace catfish) as well as an asian algae eater. The biostat wheel underneath the system is the optimal color for the good bacterial growth, and my water tests have been spot on for the last 6 weeks, except for hardness, but our store is up on the mountains, and it's just a little above ideal. I'll test them tomorrow and get you all the specific numbers. I'm fairly certain that the tanks are starting a new nitrite/nitrate cycle as this week has seen a spike in attrition, even lost two of my african cichlids, which prior to this week I had only lost 1 in the two years I've been at this store. All of that aside, even when my water isn't in the beginning of a cycle, the gouramis are just not thriving. I've been making sure to not overfeed them, or vice versa, just watching the two minute or so timer to adjust accordingly. Any thoughts on helping these poor babies, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading this book of a problem!

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    I already encountered gouramis before but I really don't know much about them. Anyone please help...

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    Thank you both!
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    My first thought is bad stock. Especially when you say the vendor is basically a puppy mill type. Plus if your not seeing any issues and not having problems with other fish...
    Are the gourami the only ones from that vendor?
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    I think that 10 gallon tank is way overstock
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    It's a fish store, they're always overstocked.
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    They are overstocked because the fish won't stay there for long.
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    Thank you for backing me up on the tank being overly stocked. Again, it's not my call with what the vendor wants their stock level to be. The only thing I can do is try to fluff it and keep lower stock levels.

    That said, the vendor we use is out of denver, I know through past conversations with them they are a middle man of sorts. So it could very well be that they are the only breed coming from that particular farm.

    Now, off the topic of gouramis, if that's okay. Per company directive, I have my male guppies, my platys, my sword tails, and Mollys all in one tank. I have a lot of attrition with the mollys and guppies. So, I was thinking either the guppies are picking on the mollys or vice versa. I've read conflicting material on whether or not they should be together, they are all healthy when they come in, and then within 4 or 5 days, I come into 4 or 5 mollys dead, and 2 or 3 guppies. Im just wondering if having too many top of the tank fish in there together is causing them to be territorial. I don't have many customer returns on them, which is what is leading me to break direction and get one of the breeds pulled out of the tank. Any thoughts on this issue?
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    I think you better start a new thread on that topic so the ones who are experienced in taking care of guppies, mollies, platys and swordtails can answer you.
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    Perfect, I will do that.