Keeping my boy warm

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So I'm going home for the Christmas break for about a month. The only problem is, I can't take home my whole 10 gallon ensemble. The most I'll have is a two gallon bowl/ vase type deal for when I get home.

I will need to keep Marley warm somehow, because if I leave him here, then no one will be here to change his water or feed him. And that can't be good.

The lowest I've had the water temperature get on me was 72F before I put the heater into the big tank.

Also, he got caught up on the intake of his filter a few days back. This is the third time this has happened, and it tore up his fins pretty bad. I was thinking of giving him some Melafix doses to make sure his fins heal up with nothing getting to him. Would that be a good idea, or should I try something else.

One of the workers from Petsmart reccomended Betta Revive, and to turn off his filter. Both of which I'm a little skeptical about.

(First post, yay)
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Melafix contains too much of an ingredent harmful to Bettas use BettaFix.
I never heard Betta revive. Someone else will have to answer that.
Hire someone to watch Marley and tell them to call you if there is trouble.

The filter problem I can't answer.
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No do not turn off the filter.  Just get a thin sock or something and cover the intake to cut down on his chances of getting caught again and if possible turn the flow speed down.  They sell heat packs for short trips of 20 hours or so if you need to keep him warm on the way home..just pack him in a styrofoam 6-pack cooler in a plastic bag that has been double bagged and tied. (tie the inside bag and insert it tie side down into the other bag and then tie the 2nd bag.  In the first bag only fill half with water and the other half with air - do not blow in it just plain room air)  Then wrap the bags in a double layer of newspaper loosely and place in the cooler with the heat pack.  That will keep him warm on the way.  If you want to give him a good home for a month while you are away they now have LARGE plastic buckets (like you clean with) and you will need a new one (never used for detergents) .  Get him a cheap 25 watt heater and put in the bucket of dechlorinated water and you are in business.  He may not like having no decorations or toys or plants and you may have to do frequent water changes because of no filter but he will be fine.  I have used a large bucket for a hospital tank in a pinch before and they do fine.  Just be careful to get a big one and do not fill it too close to the top.  Leave at least 2 inches.  

No MELAFIX.  There is an article in this board at the beginning of the posts about how Melafix is dangerous to use on Bettas and all Labyrinth fish and responsible for death in them.  I am not recommending Pimafix any longer either.  The very best solution to torn fins is frequent water changes and warm temperatures.  Watch for the build up of nitrates and nitrites as this is what causes deformity and some scarring.  Betta Revive is not a product that I am familiar with but if it contains tea tree oil it is a no-no.  They are not to have anything wiith this ingredient as it disturbs the function of their Labyrinth organ and can cause them to die of seizures.  If his fins start to look shredded and transparent and you are afraid of finrot, the next best thing is Jungle Labs Fungus Clear Tank Buddies.  They are fizzy tablets and will turn the water green.  It takes 1 tablet for 10 gallons and you can break them to use for smaller tanks.  You dose for 4 days and then do a 25% water change and then dose again if the problem persists.  I would not dose in the bucket though as you should do frequent water changes and you will need to test every day for ammonia since he will not be filtered.

If you cannot find a fish heating pad anywhere then in the drugstore they have the ones you can use on yourself by striking them and they heat up.  You can use them but they do not last as long.

I want to welcome you to our forum. has a wide variety of ages and levels of experience represented here and members are present from many nations.  We all share one thing in common, our total love and admiration of the fish we adore.  We are here to help answer questions and to laugh at stories and to sympathize with each other through the times that are not so good.  I do hope that you come back often and come to love this place as much as I do. 

Good luck and please do not hesitate to let us know if there is something else we can help with. 

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Ah thank you!

I do indeed have a new bucket that I use to use for just fishy reasons. Now all I need to go do is hunt down a heat source for the time span I'm going to be there.

This is the first time I've heard of Melafix doing weird stuff. It's a good thing I decided against buying it when Walmart told me it would be good for him. Then again, these are the same people who told his previous owner that he would be fine living in a martinI glass.

But yes, thank you again for the help. My baby boy must be feeling well, he made me a big bubble nest through the day.

Here's a picture of him, and you can almost see all the colors he's capable of turning. He's only pure green under camera flashes.

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He is gorgeous. You must be so proud of him! A MARTINI GLASS!!!!

Yes I was unaware of the effects of Melafix and Pimafix until not many days ago and when I learned of them I happened to have one of the fish being dosed with the stuff. He is still wearing off some of the effects slowly of whatever was disturbing him. I will never use or recommend that anyone else use either product again.

Yes, your little one is feeling happy. He gave you a nice gift indeed. Bubblenests are their way of letting us know they are happy and that gives me a warm feeling in my heart.

He is a fine betta, you should be very proud of him.

Good luck on the trip and let us know how it goes.

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Marley is a beautiful Betta! I am glad you came to this site as the people here are so helpful. It is because of them that my Betta, Barney is still alive. Have a safe and happy trip. With the advice you received Marley should be fine.


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