keeping manderin Help

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    guppyking New Member Member

    my local marine store had like 20 manderins in a tank and i wanted one and was reading and wondering
    would they eat rotifers and brine shrimp(working toward frozen and that formula 1 pellet)
    i have a copepod culture that been active for few weeks and strting multiple rotifers cultures for when my clownfish breed
    would i be able to get manderin and feed it rotifers and that
    i have 35gallon tank only other fish are 2 clowns and 2 neon gobys
    loads rock to hide/hunt
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    sgould Well Known Member Member

    The best setup for a mandarin is a large, well established, tank with lots of live rock and a well established pod colony. Preferably a refugium as well to keep the pod population going. In the absence of that, you will need to be constantly buying and adding live foods to keep the mandarin fed. I believe they will eat rotifers, but can't say for sure. They are constantly eating and in smaller tanks most will totally consume the food supply and then gradually starve to death within a few months of purchase.