Keeping Lower Part Of Stem Plants Healthy?


HI all,

I'm looking for advice in keeping stem plants the lower part healthier . I seem to have a lot of issues where they seem to die off.

Where as I'll watch YouTube and the whole stem plant looks healthy .

I'm currently running pressurised co2 in my 140l tank.

I have an all pond solution 2000. So there is plenty of flow and I currently dose EI.

I just use basic gravel no fert or soil. I'm not sure if this is one of the issues .

I also run a chihiros 50w led 9k light .

Any ideas or tips ?


Could be a lack of flow, if your plants is heavily planted or has hardscape on the bottom and the filter outlets are at the top, there could be a dead zone near the substrate. Alternatively it could be a lack of light penetrating to the lower depths of your tank causing the plants to drop their leaves there. Your light seems to be strong enough but perhaps it is being blocked by plant leaves or floaters?

Picture of the tank maybe?
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