Keeping Just 2-3 Discus?

  1. MelloYello

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    Im just double checking something, because Im 90% sure that this is not true...

    I was at my local fish store and one of the employees (who I know really well) started talking to me and we came across the topic of discus.

    You see I would love to have some discus in my 46 gallon tank. (Its really well established 3 years) and I thought it was too small because you need at least 5 discus (right?) but he said you could keep a pair in the tank no problem.... So now I don't know what to think...

    Is it possible that the guy was just trying to sell me stuff? I really don't feel like that would be the case though considering its a small aquarium only shop with dedicated staff. The staff member I was taking to has at least 12 fish tanks that I am aware of including one 800 Gal... he just doesn't seem like the kind of guy to try and sell you a fish just for the money.
  2. D

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    A pair would mean a "confirmed breeding pair," a pair of discus who have spawned together previously. A confirmed pair usually are quite expensive.
    A hobbyist grade will sell for appx. $100-$300/per pair. Higher grades, which breeders use various systems of grading: A, AA, AAA, for example, are discus that are valued for their color, body shape, and size ( among other criteria); usually ranging between $300-$500/a pair. And then there are the show grades which begin around $800.00 and reach up into the thousands.
    Two or three randomly selected discus, however... no, you are right, they would not do well.
    If a fish store tries to tell you differently they either need to do more research or are trying to make a sell.
  3. OP

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    Well he did say pair... So I guess thats what he means...