keeping good bacteria alive duing rain fall?


I have a five hundred gal. pond and was wondering how can I keep the good bacteria alive with having a rain storm every day now for two weeks? I try to add water treatment when I can and I also have a rain barrel that I can test just the rain water and it has a little bacteria killing chemicals in it. The amount is minute so should I worry about it?
I have had fish in the past with no problems until they died from a pump malfunction. Since then I have remodeled the pond with some new safety structures in place. So I have to start the cycling processes all over again so that's why I ask the question above. I did install a diy canister filter in line with the plumbing so I do have media for the bacteria to grow on.
Any input would be helpful thanks.


sounds like your pond will be fine I'm not sure what you mean by rain having bacteria killing chemicals in it? adding some prime or amquel+ once a month or ever other week probably won't hurt either you have pics of the pond? id love to see it


HI Jay! Rainfall has no impact on keeping your beneficial bacteria going. Just like an aquarium that's what your bio-media does. What you do have to monitor is if your rainwater is acidic or alkaline so watch your pH and KH. If your KH drops below 80 ppm, add a couple tablespoons of baking soda so that you don't have a pH crash.


There are a couple of pretty nasty chemicals that have been found in rainwater, particularly in industrial belts. However, I don't know that even those will make much of a dent in the nitrifying bacteria, unless there's a ton of the chemical in the air (and if there is, your fish will have problems, too).


I have huge rains here in Florida and none of them have affected by bacteria levels that I know of. I actually rely on them for water changes in the pond during the summer. Also I have an absolutely humungous bio filter (nexus)

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