Keeping fish with shrimp

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I saw a YouTube video that recommended keeping small fish, like guppies, with shrimp and snails for a "complete ecosystem." So I did that. I had three guppies in a 10 gallon tank with about 20 RCS. I spent a good bit of time watching the tank, and could almost always see 3 or 4 shrimp at any one time, and occasionally a few more. I thought that was just the way it's supposed to be.

This morning I caught the guppies and moved them to a new tank to "season" it before adding some blue neocaradina shrimp. By six hours later I can see 6 to 8 shrimp out in the open every time I look, including a berried female. I never would have believed removing the fish would make that big a difference that fast.

I remember someone here (I'm pretty sure it was richie.p) recommended shrimp only tanks. Now I know why, and I'm definitely a believer.
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Definitely sounds like your shrimp feel braver without fish--perhaps some of the younger shrimp were getting eaten? I'm glad they're showing up more for you now!
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Here's a picture I just took, showing about 1/3 of the tank.

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Wow, those are some beautiful shrimp. Best of luck with the tanks!

Thanks. I got them from three different sources, so hopefully I'll get a good mix of genetics (although I don't know if that's important).
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Thanks. I got them from three different sources, so hopefully I'll get a good mix of genetics (although I don't know if that's important).
Yes, getting a good mix of genetics is good for any breeding project to prevent inbreeding. It also makes sure that you have genetic variety, so any one disease shouldn't wipe out the whole stock.
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I and a few others will advise shrimp only tanks, I'm glad you tried it and proved to yourself that it's the best way to go, hopefully you didn't loose any,
You've got some lovely looking there
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I have fish (chillI rasbora x12), snails (mystery snail x2) and shrimp(Red cherry x 15) in a 15 gallon tank and they live happily together. I also did not add them all at same time, but started with chillI rasbora and 5 cherry shrimp (bought from same store and they where in same tank). Then added more and more shrimp and snails to the end. During first week of adding then, they where all "hiding", but after a while they are everywhere in the tank. I also have a lot of javamoss and other plants and hardscape for the shrimp to hide.
In short, I think it is normal behavior for fish/shrimp and snails to hide when they are new to the tank. Nano fish + shrimp = OK for me
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In my community (Cardinal Tetras, Cories, BN Pleco), the shrimp stayed fully hidden for the first month or so. Then began to slowly venture out and become more bold. The fish didn’t bother them (I guess I’m lucky), and the population exploded. Now the shrimp are always out front and center, while the fish tend to be shy, and hide away a bit (they did this before the shrimp too).
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Depends on the fish. I had my amanos in with my betta and they never hid. I put them in my main tank and they're gone now. They took one look at my gbr and now they are night shrimp that I never get to see. I want to do a shrimp only tank soon too so I can actually see them. I also bought a bamboo shrimp for my main tank so I get to actually look at a shrimp again.
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shrimp feel safer without fish. They will even reproduce more with no other fish in the tank! You will see your shrimp come out a lot more and you will start to see babies! As other fish WILL eat the shrimplers! Have any cuttlebone?
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I'd only ever kept shrimp, one tank of Cherries and one with Amanos and my Cherry 'culls'. In the Summer, I set up a new aquarium with Honey Gourami and Harlequin Rasboras (after lots of research, these seemed officially shrimp safe)
The plan was to move the Amanos/Cherry culls into that tank which I did once it was all established.
Well, what a difference!
Initially the shrimp were all over over it, exploring their new home, then they spotted the fish...
The HGs would, occasionally, swim up to one and just look at it, no menace, certainly no aggression, but it was enough that the shrimp totally changed their behaviour. They all decamped to their hollow log (moved over with them from their old tank) and there they stayed!
I left it a good few weeks to see if they would adjust but they just weren't themselves anymore, all their personality gone.
So, I ended up re-setting up their tank and moving them back.
Every situation/set-up is different of course, but in my personal experience, like richie.p says (HI Richie-I'm back!!) shrimp are at their best, show more interesting behaviour and are more stress free when they are in their own tank.
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This evening I saw two shrimp juggling eggs (I think that's referred to as berried?).
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Croeso welcome to fishlore itsEmma
It's been so long I thought I'd re-welcome you
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This evening I saw two shrimp juggling eggs (I think that's referred to as berried?).
Its times like this when your shrimp are berried for the first time that there's a higher than normal percentage she would loose them eggs as a first time mum due to fish

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