keeping fancy goldfish??

  1. Craig Well Known Member Member

    if i were 2 start keepin fancy goldfish do the same cleanin methods remain as from keepin the tropical fish?? can u please give me sum information on keepin them


    C W
  2. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    well goldfish are coldwater fish they like temps below 70 and will be very unhappy and get sick if kept with tropicals (that like temps 75 to 80 on average) other than that i believe theyre the same pretty much
  3. Dino Fishlore VIP Member

    Are these comets( single tailed) or true fancies ( multiple tailed)?

    They both need a minimum of 15-20 gallons a fish to do best.

    As well, true fanices need a high veggie diet due to the compacting of their intestines in their short body.

    Also, both require a higher rate of filtration,than most tropicals, as they are massive waste producers.

  4. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Back in the fish business are we Craig! :D
  5. Craig Well Known Member Member

    im thinkin about it not really sure yet?! lol

    C W
  6. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Goldies are really neat fish and to me really easier than tropicals. They do need more room and prefer an unheated tank. I think everything else has been covered ;)
    Welcome back to the dark side Craig ;D
  7. Craig Well Known Member Member

    r they the big fat goldfish lol??? thats the1s i was thinkin of how many could i get in2 my 17gallon?? :D

    C W
  8. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    You could put one goldfish in the 17 G. Just make sure their not koi, because they are pond fish.
  9. Craig Well Known Member Member

    will he not get lonely? can u put smaller goldfish in?

    C W ???
  10. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Smaller fish grow up. Remember? ;) I doubt he will get lonesome with all the attention I know he will get ;D
  11. Craig Well Known Member Member

    so just 1 little ole goldfish can u not put any other fish in with him at all?

    C W
  12. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i wud really like 2 put sumthin in with him ??? a new addition i wud make wud b puttin a gravel filter in how much wud i hav 2 change the water each week still ?? do i hav 2 worry about pH for coldwater??

    C W
  13. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i also take it that i dont need my heater?? so many questions 4 this new venture if i decide 2 go 4 it

    C W :D
  14. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    You still have to acclimate your new fish to your water and do water tests. Your not getting off that easy fella ;).
    Once they get to know you they are very interactive. I have one(don't remember what kind it is) that goes outside in the summer and inside in the winter and he alway comes to the top when I come near. Begger!!!
  15. Craig Well Known Member Member

    still not sure whether i should go 4 it or not lol just an update !!!

    C W