keeping duckweed

  1. cheese Member Member

    hi all :) just wondering what I would need to keep some duckweed. I know that people say it will multiply fast in a pond or aquarium, but could I put some in a plastic tote with water, where it's getting sun light, and have it grow just as fast? I've found duckweed hard to find, so I'm wondering if I could grow it in a bucket with water and can just add some to the aquarium when I'd like. kind of a weird question lol but if I kept it in a bucket, I could wait until I had enough duckweed to put in each tank, instead of starting it all in 1 tank then moving it from there to my other tanks? thanks :)

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  2. cheese Member Member

    sorry I just realized I put this in the "pond fish" section and not "pond plants" oopsies :(

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  3. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Moved it for you :)
    Duckweed will grow like. . . well, a weed anywhere.
    I left a ceramic plant pot out & forgot about it over a few months, when I remembered about it it was full of water & a healthy growth of duckweed which was surprising as I no longer have a pond
  4. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    It really doesn't take much to get an established colony going, as long as your filter doesn't blow it around too much (although it is much more tolerant of movement than water lettuce or frogbit), and you don't have herbivores like goldfish in the tank.

    But yes, you could grow a small amount into a large amount in a separate container. I'd be cautious of growing mosquitoes as well, this time of year. If you do this outdoors use a secure screen over the top. Indoors, just a good lightsource and maybe an airstone should do you.

  5. cheese Member Member

    thanks :) ugh I never thought of mosquitos...I could probably just do this inside so I don't have to worry about that. does duckweed require a lot of light?

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  6. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    I don't know about a lot, but eight or so hours of cheap LED lights grows enough in my other tanks to keep my goldfish in salad at least once a week.