Keeping A Stable Tank Temperature..

  1. Fredbetta86

    Fredbetta86 Well Known Member Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Can someone give me some suggestions or advice on how to keep the temp in my 10 gallon tanks as stable as possible? During the colder months this wasn't a problem but now that it's hot out it's become such a task to try to get the tanks to not fluctuate in temp. I have cobalt neo-therm 50w in the tanks set at 78F but because of the heat and the room temp the tanks are at 80F. So now my goal has been trying to keep it at 80F. I thought about getting chillers but with 3 tanks it gets really pricey. When I'm here during the day I run the AC to try to keep the room temp down but I can't just leave it on 24/7. I just would like some peace of mind so if anybody has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    How's the humidity where you are? One thing I've seen discussed today, that seems to work better in dryer climates, is to keep your heaters and some aquarium fans (fans that clip to the side of the tank and blow over the surface to encourage evaporation) running together, so that when heat rises and your heater cuts out, the fans are there to stop it rising further. You can find the fans on Amazon, they're far far cheaper than chillers and don't involve drilling holes in your tank!

    If the humidity is higher it's harder to get effective evaporation, so in addition, you can freeze some bottles of water and float them in your tanks or filters. Don't throw ice cubes straight in--they'll melt faster, and unless the frozen water is treated, they'll introduce chlorine to your tank. Good luck!
  3. Zahc

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    A gradual raise and/or drop temperature by a few degrees is fine, so I wouldn't worry personally.

    A few weeks of being kept at the high or low end of a fishes temp range is completely safe (they experience this in the wild during the different cool/warm seasons). The issue with temperature is when they are being permanently kept at extremes.