Keeping A Goldfish Happy In A Small Tank

Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by RyleighJ, Apr 24, 2017.

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    Now, I know that fancy goldfish need 20 to 30 gallons to thrive. Unfortunately I didn't know that when I bought my goldfish several years ago.

    I've only recently began to read up on goldfish and their needs and, to my surprise, 10 gallons is not a generous amount of space for a goldfish.

    I found an old 15 gallon tank in my basement and I'm about to move him over there. I know this still isn't enough, but it's the best I can provide for now. I'm in the process of getting a better paying job, and when I do I'll be able to afford a new tank, but that probably won't be for a few more months.

    Once I put my goldie in his new 15 gallon, what can I do to give him the best life possible? (Until, obviously, I get him a bigger tank). As far as food, plants, decorations, and tankmates go, how do I make him as happy as possible?

    This is the setup he's going into

    And this is him

    I believe he's a ryukin, and he's about 3 inches long not including his tail. Tail included, he's probably about 6.
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    No tank mates. Large and frequent water changes. High quality food and veggies. Hopefully you can get a bigger tank soon! A tall, hex tank like this isn't ideal as there's not much swimming room.
  3. OP

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    I was hesitant to put him in the hex because I've heard that goldfish like tanks with large surface areas, but I figured it was better than the 10 gallon.

    How often do you recommend doing water changes, and what percentage of the water should I change?

    I've been putting zucchini in the tank for my snail, but the goldfish doesn't seem to interested in it. Are there better veggies to offer? And how should I give them to him? For the zucchini I've been taking a slice and cutting it into fourths, blanching it, and just dropping it to the bottom. Is there a better way to make it appealing to the goldie, too?

    As for a regular everyday food, what's good? Right now I'm feeding Elive Goldfish Color Granules.

    And one last thing! Do goldfish eat meaty foods as well, like bloodworms and brine shrimp?

    So many questions!
  4. TexasDomer

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    I would do 50% water changes at least twice a week until you can upgrade.

    Maybe try cooked, deshelled peas? Or green beans or spinach. Try a variety!

    It's not a bad food - looks fine to me! Variety is key.

    Meaty foods are fine in moderation! They're not carnivorous in the wild, so I would feed a variety, with more emphasis on the veggies and pellets than meaty foods.