Keeping A Fw Tank W/ No Heater Or Filter

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    Hello FL...

    Set up your tank with all the equipment minus the heater and filter. Add a small airstone attached to a length of tubing and then to a small air pump. Beg some substrate from the local fish store. Promise to come back to get some fish as payment. This deal works most of the time. Mix it with the bottom material in your new tank. Include some handfuls of landscape lava rock. Make sure the rock is well rinsed in warm tap water before adding it to the tank. This is the new home for the beneficial bacteria. Fill the tank and add some floating Water lettuce to help steady the tank water chemistry. Allow the tank to run for a couple of days without fish to establish the water temperature. Acclimate some White Cloud Mountain minnows about 4 or 5 for every 10 gallons of tank water. Very pretty. small, hardy fish and they like their water cool. Test the tank water every couple of days to make sure the bacteria from the gravel you got from the store is working and feed the fish a little every day. Get into the habit of changing half the tank water a couple of times a week, no excuses or you'll injure your fish . Very small tanks need the water changed more often. Your water tests will help determine your water change routine. I keep a large tank and change 75 percent of the water monthly, sometimes a bit more often. Sometimes I feed a little too much. The large, frequent water changes will remove most of the dissolved waste material from the tank. The plant and the bacteria will remove their share too and clean water keeps the fish healthy.

    There you have it. A tank without a heater or filter.

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