Keeping a Dwarf Gourami and GBR Together?

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  1. ArcticRain

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    Hello! So, I was wondering if any of you had heard of this pairing.
    In one of my tanks I have a Male Dwarf Gourami and a Female German Blue Ram together.
    I initially thought that this wouldn't be a good pairing, considering both fishes territorial issues. But, I tried it anyway and kept a close eye on them.
    I had the DG in a see through breeding container for about two hours. Letting them get used to each other. Once I let him into the tank, the GBR would flare and chase him. There was even some lip locking and pecking going on! But, it soon seemed to calm down and they each stayed on their ends of the tank.
    After a few days in the tank they were actually hanging out next to each other and swimming together. A week after that they seemed to be best buds. The DG even would chase off the neons if they got close to the GBR!
    As of now they've been happily together for three months. And I can NEVER separate them. If I go to move one of them into a different tank, the other freaks out until they are reunited!

    Has anyone had this happen before? Is this a fluke accident? Or do you think all Dwarf Gouramis and GBR's would be okay together?
    I'm curious to know your opinions! Thanks!
  2. Jswin

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    Mine just pay no attention to each other

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  3. CindiL

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    My dwarf honey ignores my GBR. My female GBR is the boss of the tank and chases everyone away from her space during feeding time.
  4. Scoutsfish

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    I used to have an angel, gbr and a dg in my 29g. They we're fine fire a while, but the dg started chasing the gbr non stop and I had to separate them. May just be the tank was too small or my dg was a little fiesty, glad to hear yours get along!
  5. Anders247

    Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    Mine were fine together.