Keeping a betta in a community and dealing with overeating


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Bettas overeating community fish food while in a community tank is a common problem when bettas are kept in that setting. I have had several bettas do that before I stopped keeping them in community tanks. However, I am wanting to keep one of my bettas in my community tank because he sleeps too much and is bored too much in his isolated tank.

Possible solutions I have found to stop a betta from overeating while in a community tank is to net the betta at feeding time, put them in a breeder box, use a surface skimmer, feed the fish when the aquarium lights are off.

[1] Have any of you successfully kept a betta in a community tank for over 6 months or so?

[2] How did you prevent your betta from overeating?


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I have had my betta in my community tank for close to a year with no problems (I actually have two in community tanks but the other one is only in a five gallon and the only other fish are some ember tetras which he seems to be cool with so far). I haven't had any issues with over eating with my bettas, they both seem to eat the amount they should. Also want to mention the bettas in my community tank are both male bettas, fully grown. The one in the 5 is even a king dragonscale betta (known for being extra aggressive). Some advice I do have is to make sure you never keep bettas with just one fish. Tetras are a good choice and the betta can't single one out of the group. I have a betta community in a 5 and 10 (however at some point I want to upgrade the one in the 10 to a 20 because it is a bit overstocked). My advice is to just make sure you have at least 4 other fish if you are going to do a betta community, just so they can't single one out. Good luck :)

EDIT: One more tip is to get fish that don't have similar color to your betta because he/she may see it as another betta to compete with so get duller colored fish or fish with a different color pattern. Like my King betta (Indie) is all black with neon blue speckles (will post photos if you want to see) and he is in with small red fish in a group of 6. My other betta (hybrid) is all white with red on his fish and is in with some mystery snails, 3 albino cory cats (pale), 6 black neon tetras (black), and two killifish which was honestly was a little shaky for me to add but they do well together. Like I said that tank is a bit overstocked and want to upgrade them to a 20 at some point.

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