Juwel Vision 180 - Will They Survive?

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I have been dreaming about getting an tank for a long time. The one I have been thinking about getting is Juwel Vision 180 (180 liters ≈ 50 gallons). I have some favourite species and I was wondering if they could live together in the tank without any problems.
  • Betta Fish, male obviously
  • Neon Tetras, I’m not sure how many you should have
  • I’ve not really decided yet, but African dwarf frogs
  • Can you recommend a good species that would help me clean my tank a bit, that still would go together with the other ones?
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No betta. They're not temp compatible with Neon Tetras. I wouldn't keep them with ADF either. I would leave just the betta out.
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Please don't keep a Betta with other fish. I know some people do it and get away with it, but so many others end up having bloodbaths, even with Bettas that spend months co-existing with a community only to suddenly lose it one day.

As for neon tetras, first I must ask if you water is soft and acidic, which they truly need. Then I must ask if you can get wild-caught, Florida-bred, or some locally (to you) bred neons, because they're much hardier than the ThaI fish that inundate the market.

African dwarf frogs are so darn cute, but they don't generally do well in community tank and in such deep ones.

OK, once you've told me more about your water (is it hard and alkaline) and your location, I can give you some ideas about what to put in there.
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Well that came as a surprise, the whole internet has fooled me then? Haha...
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No betta. They're not temp compatible with Neon Tetras. I wouldn't keep them with ADF either. I would leave just the betta out.
So all the rest could live together then?
maggie thecat
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I saw the most beautiful tank over the weekend . It was a massive shoal of neons, and nothing else.

Frogs work best in a group kept to themselves.

Bettas are not generally great community tank members. Yes, there are exceptions. Sometimes they get anxious in over large tanks. (Not a hard or fast rule, just something that is occassionally reported.) However they do great in 5 or 10 gallon tanks on their own. Possibly with shrimp or snails, as companions.

Many people keep bottom feeders like cory or pleco, plus shrimp and snails, but maintenance is still on us keepers!

What I would do, if I was you, was go to my local fish store, with a notebook and pen, and observe the tanks. Write down the names of the fish that you really like watching, and then start your research.

Not all fish can live together peacefully . They may have different water requirements or would compete for the same area in the tank. Or they just might be cranky so and sos, that do best on their own.
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Unfortunately the betta is not temperature nor temperament compatible with neither the neon or frogs. As others have stated bettas do best alone or with only peaceful bottom feeders.

You could certainly do neons, but not with the frogs. The frogs are best off in species only settings (just frogs) as they would have to compete for food and will likely get picked on by fish.

I suggest you do more researching. Pick species that appeal to you and then research each species on a good, informative site. This is one that I prefer: Just type in the fish name and read up on that fish. You must make sure all species are temperature, temperament, and tank size compatible. I'd also test your water to see what the pH is as well as the hardness. Some species need hard water while others prefer soft, acidic water. Match species to your water parameters out of the tap, trying to change your water chemistry is far to bothersome as you would have to be very careful with pH swings.

When you come up with a different stocking list I'd check back in and let others critique it, if need be. Also, might want to read up on the Nitrogen Cycle, tis very important to the health of aquatic babies.
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+1 to all, but especially to Demeter. It's much easier to pick out stock when you really know exactly what you want, and exactly what those fish would be.

If you want a tropical tank, consider going with cardinal tetras instead of neons. They'll do better in warmer water.

I'd leave out the betta and frogs, personally. Too many things that could go wrong with both of those.

Why not do something similar to what you were wanting? Something like this:

A large school of cardinals
1x Male Dwarf Gourami (or another centerpiece, if you'd like more suggestions)
A decent-sized shoal of warm-water corys

That'd give you variety, and you can build and change that skeleton to your personal tastes.

One more thing... no fish should be relied on to clean your tank. YOU do the cleaning, not the fish. Some fish will eat some algae off the glass, or will forage through your substrate, but the main cleaning will come with a brush and doing water changes.
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Nobody yell at me just putting in my 2 cents. Lol. If you want to try a community with a betta you have to put the bettas needs first. Some good hiding places as well as either tall decor or tall plants. Instead of neons what about cardinal tetras they look very similar and are temp compatible. I also like glowlight tetras. As far as bottom feeders I have emerald green cories with mine. You should have a plan b incase the betta is getting nipped or gets nippy. The biggest thing I think is don't over crowd the tank, if given room in a tank I feel having a betta in a community tank is very doable.
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We wouldn't yell at ya! Or I wouldn't, anyway.

David's right; community bettas are a possibility, but it's not always the easiest route. It's all too easy to get a betta that will become a murderous little goblin, or some tetras that love fins to chew on. We mainly discouraged a community betta for the more beginner-friendly route of a more peaceful centerpiece.

If you have your heart set on a betta, I'd definitely have a 5 gallon on standby for it to go in, just in case.

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