Juvenile To Adult :-)


Howdy, All!

We live in a very landlocked state and very few people near us have saltwater fish. (Our LFS is an hour away and in a different state.) I went into work the other day and announced that our Chocolate Tang is finally changing from her juvenile appearance to her adult beauty. I got deer-in-the-headlights looks from all of my co-workers. One questioningly said, "Yay?" Another said they didn't know Tang was sold in a chocolate flavor. (Insert eyeroll here.)

Needless to say, no one shared in my joy. So, I decided to share it with all of you. Our Chocolate Tang, who was all yellow with brown accents, now has a beautiful light blue face and fins. I love her yellow color, but her adult colors will be gorgeous as well. Thanks for letting me share my fish joys with you. I have included a before picture and a current picture. Have a great weekend!



They’re so cute !!


Beautiful. If Memory serves me correctly that is also known as the Lemon Peel Mimic Tang, right? That was high on my list until I realized it would get too big for my 90 gallon tank. They are generally among the better behaved Tangs, which is a big plus since Tangs can be first class aggressive jerks (found that out the hard way after a bad experience with my Yellow Tang).

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