Just wanted to share

AARRRGGHHH!! the clip of the wigglers is too big :-X :-\
So heres a clip of tehm after they went free swimming ;D
The Anubias is a coffefolia Dino and her favorite place to lay. Your welcome to all the babies you want. These just went free swimming today.
in the OTHER tank are marble and koi fry, their about 4 weeks old.She layed those eggs on the Anubias also

How many would you estimate there are there?
How many do you have from the previous batch left? ;D
Carol, you're so lucky! Beautiful fry

My angels spawned again a couple of days ago and the eggs were eaten a few hours after spawning. I am so baffled at this behavior. Why do they keep doing this? Maybe the conditions in my Q tank are inappropriate and that's why they eat the eggs? What should be the EXACT temperature and pH during angelfish' spawning? Both of my tanks are around 7.2 pH and are maintained at 78-79F.

Any ideas? When will the eggs finally (EVER) hatch?! :'(
J-Man there are about 25 of the previous group. They appear to be mostly marble but with dad being koi I'm hoping for more orange than mom has.
In the new spawn I counted 100 eggs and stopped and it looks like thatmany.babies but rarely do you have that many quality angels survive. We shall see
Both of thse spawns took place in a 30G long. and were moved to a 10G for now. In the second spawn(her first with him)Dad got rough with mom over the eggs and injured her eye so as we speak she is in the Q tank having a dose of Maraycn.
Isabella- my water stays about 78-80 degrees the angels seem to like it a little warmer. and my pH is 7.2-7.4. I still think they just need time. And you may have to pull them (eggs) if they keep eating them.
I've been reading a lot about big time breeders pulling the eggs and raising the fry so they haven't been taught any of the fishie things they need to know by mom and dad. Mom and dad will spawn more often if the eggs are pulled so more fry. Some things are instinct but it does make you wonder sometimes. I have had fish that had no clue, just complete dingbats.

Such a lovely sight. The little film clip was amazing! It makes me wish I had room for a pair. Keep up the baby pix as they grow, please!

Carol, what do you mean by "pulling" the eggs? Taking them out of the tank where the parents are? If this is what you mean, wouldn't it be safer to simply remove the parents? I'd be afraid to touch/move the tiny eggs; they're so fragile and therefore very easy to damage. Besides, I always transfer the angels to my Q tank when they spawn. So when they're done I can immediately move them back to the main tank. The eggs can stay where they were in the Q tank.

But I already said before that no matter what I do, the eggs do not survive anyway. Because: (1) if I remove the parents, the eggs turn white, and (2) when I leave the parents with the eggs, the eggs get eaten. So I don't know what "pulling" the eggs (if you mean moving them out of the place where the parents are) will accomplish for the eggs. I don't think I have any choice here except to wait, however long it takes, until the angels stop eating the eggs, I guess? But when would that be? :-\
Yes by pulling the eggs I meant taking the eggs and putting them in another tank. But if it's easier to move the parents then by all means do so. The eggs aren't really as fragile as they look as long as you keep them wet their fine. I have done this many times for various reasons.
Pick you up a book on angelfish and it should tell you in detail how to hatch the eggs and care for the fry. The one I have is a book I picked up at the fish store long ago called Angelfish and published by Barrons. I've seen them at pet stores and book stores both. This is how I started out. Good luck
You can do this I know you can
Thanks Carol. I remember you telling me about this book before. I still am going to get it. Just didn't order my books yet. When I order all my books, I'll order the book you recommend with them. What I usually do, is I wait until I have a list of books I'd like to read, and when the list is complete for the time being, I order the books. This time I must have at least 5 - 6 aquarium books on my list, lol. Will be heck of a reading. Your book will make it 6 or 7

Anybody ever read TakashI Amano's books? I heard they're great. So I put some of them on my list. But I'd like to hear what you guys think about this author. Thanks.
I think this is the book Butterfly is referring to:

I have this book. It's okay. Although the pictures are beautiful, Amano is not the only master of great looking tanks. I'm a little turned off by him though because of some of his comments toward contestants in the AGA contests. His head is quite large. Anyway, if you want ideas for free or just for drooling purposes, you can spend hours at the below link, and it won't cost you anything!
Thanks Gunnie. I'll rethink TakashI Amano. I trust your (and Carol's) judgement. Maybe I'll get one of his books just to see how they are. And I will do so only if I find it cheap, since if he's not that good, there is no point in wasting money.

By the way, I never shopped at Overstock.com. Can you tell me more about it? What do they sell? Used or new items? Is this some website that sells everything at low prices? I saw the "O" commercials, but never paid attention to them. I usually shop for books at Barnes and Noble (B&N.com). I also ordered books on Amazon.com once or twice. Which website (B&N, Amazon, or Overstock) do you think is best for buying books and why?
I ALWAYS buy my books at Amazon.com because if you don't overlook the "used and new" link rather than automatically buying directly from Amazon, I have honestly gotten books for as low as $.01 + postage ($3.50). Overstock has $2,50 postage but prices are much higher and the selection is not as good. If you don't see what you want at Amazon just type the title or author in the "Search" bar and nine times out of ten they have it.

Right now there are 25 of the first spawn and 5 of the second spawn left. The survival rate varies with each spawn.
voices?? voices?? are you sure your ok? ;D LOL Those noises were the tv. Didn't realize the sound was on. lol

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