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    hi i am new to this form and just one year new to aquarium world i have fancy goldfish and a black moor and recencly two golden dojo loaches and one died only had them for two weeks, and just got him a buddy today he is the qt tank right now i started a loach group since i could find much on them so i could learn for others

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    Welcome to FishLore! Glad you could join us here. Hope we can help you with your hobby by answering your questions and providing advice when you need it. This forum has a lot of very experienced fish-keepers who are always willing to help you in many ways. Please take time to look around and see what there is here that might interest you, oh and please take a few minutes to read up on the Nitrogen Cycle.
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    Welcome to the forum! This is a great place with great people and great articles. Great job setting up a quarantine tank, that's something I need to do myself. Though, you honestly can probably expect more issues with your tank, as just the two goldfish would be cramped for space and likely strain the filtration, unless they are still small, which means you likely have some time before it becomes a greater issue.

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