Just talking about my new babies

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    steampoweredgal New Member Member

    I am branching out in my quest to learn to keep fish alive, and have just introduced two albino catfish to my community of five! So far they are all swimming actively together, trying to get to know each other and the space through the bag, and I've added some more hidey holes for everyone. Even my betta Will likes them so far, and he's quite aggressive with me! (around the molly girls? Docile as can be. And the mollies /love/ his bubble nest. I have never seen such joy in a fish?? xD)

    Pictures to come once everyone is settled! I love this part.
  2. Tonia

    Tonia Well Known Member Member

    What kind of catfish did you find? Some will grow quite large and I'm hoping these are one of the smaller breeds.

    Also, what size tank do you have? I may have asked you this before. If you click on "my settings" at the top of the page, then when it takes you to a new page, look on the left side and you will see "my profile" where you can edit different things. Choosing "Edit my Profile" will allow you to fill in some blanks. This will allow others to see your tank size so we aren't constantly asking you.
  3. OP

    steampoweredgal New Member Member

    Sorry, hehe - I have four tanks, all different sizes, but these little guys seem to be getting along just fine with their tank mates so far. I'm pretty sure these guys are called cory catfish. I'll do some proper measuring later this week, but their tank is roughly twice the size of the ones I keep my other three bettas in, three times for the smallest tank. No idea if that helps, but everybody has their own areas and I'm trying to find the right balance. I've got an extra tank on hand in case it starts looking overcrowded. Thanks for the commenting! Wasn't expecting any ^_^