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    Hey everyone. I mainly have freshwater fish but recently I got interested in the saltwater hobby and I have a 25 gallon freshwater tank with only 1 apple snail in it. I am willing to convert it into a saltwater tank by taking out everything and wash the tank first. Here is what I have in mind for the tank, 1kg+ of live rock, normal sand, small wave maker, HOB filter. I bought 4kg of sea salt, how much salt am I going to need for my tank? I am planning on having corals, how much light wattage do I need? Can I use my 32 watt LED strips that I use for my carnivorous plants? Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!!!
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    Hi, welcome to Fishlore,
    Have you read the stickies in the SW Beginners? You'll find a lot of answers in those threads ;)
    1kg of live rock is a bit light on for a reef. In most reef setups, you aim for about 1-1.5lbs per gallon. So let's say about 25lbs to get started, which in kg is about 12kg. How you arrange this depends on setup, if you are planning a sump, then you can put some of the LR in the sump, and save room in the display.

    Corals, you'll generally aim for around 33ppt salinity (1.025 ish in specific gravity). 33ppt equates to 33 grams per litre, 25 USG is about 95 litres, so you'll use about 3kg of salt (possibly a little more) to get the initial fill to 33ppt.
    Also, when you say sea salt, are you referring to specifically produced aquarium marine salt, or "sea salt" from the supermarket?
    Always use marine salt, never domestic/supermarket salt, even if it says "Pure Sea Salt"; marine salts have the right ratios of the major 3 elements (Calcium, Magnesium, Alkalinity), along with trace elements.

    Really depends on the corals you plan on keeping, how deep the tank is.
    Without knowing your what your current lights are, it's hard to advise.
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    Hi, Thanks so much for your reply! Well I am not planning on a sump, but about the liverocks, 12kg??? Wow that is really heavy haha. I haven't been to the marine aquarium stores yet but I went online and saw 1 kg of live rock for 12 SGD?! That is pricey in my opinion. I bought marine sea salt, the packaging claims to be "Red Sea Salt" but it is marine sea salt. I am not sure what corals do I want but I am looking for those that are okay with low to moderate light and beginner ones. My tank is about 40 cm deep and with the live rocks and all added in, the corals would have a place to mount on. About my lights, I can't really explain, they 32 watts metal LED strip lights used mainly for land plants (and they are really bright). I'll look around the stickies for some info. Thanks!
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    SW tanks are heavy.... but most tanks and stands should (I stress "should") handle it..... Typically the base is tempered, which gives it strength, and you can spread the load by using egg-crate plastic underneath.
    With weight, remember 1 litre of water is 1kg (SW weighs a little more), so tanks are made to conservatively hold their volume plus a little more; what's called a safety factor.
    You said SGD, so I'm assuming you're in Singapore. Check with local clubs or shops on their recommendations. With LR, you can buy 'dead rock' which is a lot cheaper, and seed from 'live rock'... e.g. 10kgs of dry/dead rock, and 2kgs of LR; the rest of the rock will cycle/seed from the initial live rock. Here in Australia, LR is about $14AUD per kilo for good quality, so I understand the concern on cost.
    Red Sea Salt is a reputable brand in the industry (I've used it with good results), so you've bought yourself the right stuff :D
    I can't comment on the light. Reef specific lighting will cater for a range of light spectrums, including the blue 420nM.
    Your light is probably sufficient for basic corals like mushrooms (I'm only guessing), but do your research on lighting options. Try and find out the type of LEDs in your fixture if you can. Plant light requirements are similar in the white spectrum, but corals are a little different in regards to UV.
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    Hi, I don't mind the tank to be heavy as my stand is metal. but the stand is a little rusty and I have a bigger 32 gallon tank on top, but I do have styrofoam under each tank, I only mind the rocks being heavy, making it hard to transport without a vehicle. Yep I am in Singapore, I do know some stores here, gonna visit them soon haha. I bought Red Sea Salt because it was quite affordable and it was sold in a freshwater aquarium store near me, convenient! I understand about the light and yes, I do want some mushrooms Haha. I currently use 2 3 watts LED clip ons for my freshwater aquarium and the plants are growing well because they are mostly low maintenance plants, except for the tiger lotus. What can I do about the UV? I am also not sure about the type of LED I have, time to find out. I think I have a rough idea of what fish I want, 1 being the long nose hawkfish, been wanting it since I was a kid and first found out about it.
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    Welcome to the saltwater world!

    Like what @ryanr said you might want more live rock.
    However, you can get way with less live rock if you run bio-media in your HOB.
    Or, if you get very porous live rock, you can also get away with a tad less live rock, something like Fiji live rock is pretty porous.

    The lights you have will work just for mushoroms pretty much and maybe some low-light zoanthids.
    If you want to keep any other higher light demanding corals, you will have to upgrade for sure.
  7. CPgrowerNew MemberMember

    Hi! Thanks for your reply! I was wondering would my light work for brain corals and most SPS corals like elegance corals? Those kind of corals are what I really want.
  8. NartWell Known MemberMember

    I honestly wouldn't know about your lighting if it will work or not.

    Brain corals and elegance coral is low to medium light, so I'm not sure how it will fair up to your freshwater lights. Try it out I say. It might work. It might not. The coral will let you know.

    Also, elegance corals are LPS.
  9. CPgrowerNew MemberMember

    Oh, I confused between sps and lps haha. So I am just going to stick to my land plants grow lights? I would try my FW lights to test. What change in the coral should I look out for?