Just Realized I never Properly Introduced Myself!


Hey everyone! I got here and immediately started posting in the betta section and I just realized that I never properly introduced myself to the whole community

So a few facts about me:
-I'm 23
-I'm A Girl
-I don't like giving out my full name online so you all can just call me Kai
-I'm from good old upstate new york where it's too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter
-Horses are my life, I have 2
-Betta fish are a close second, I have 4
-I love to cook, the food network is basically all I watch
-I'm in college but have NO IDEA what I want to do
-My dream is to just own my own pet store and breed all of the animals myself so I know they're all healthy and raised well.
-I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but i've learned a lot of good life lessons
-I love country music
-I drive a chevy
-And I want to become a world renowned betta breeder!

I can't wait to get to know everyone, make a lot of friends and learn a lot more about fish!


here's an official welcome to fl, kai.

we have some awesome betta breeders on this site, so I am sure you will find good fellowship here.


Welcome to Fishlore!


Welcome love your sig

HI and welcome..............


Welcome Kai!


I'm from Orange County as well.
Welcome to Fishlore!


Yay a neighbor! What part? I'm like 10 min from newburgh




Welcome Kai!


Welcome to Fish Lore Zen. Hope you enjoy the site.


Welcome to Fishlore, Kai!


Yay a neighbor! What part? I'm like 10 min from newburgh

I'm in Walden, rofl.


Welcome aboard. Don't feel bad about not knowing what you want to do for work; most people don't know, even after they're employed. And I love your dream job. I think that was my dream job for the larger part of my life.


Welcome again Kai, I have horses too, finally another FL member with them! I got 3, and they are all nutters (a bit like my fish...).
Enjoy it here!

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