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    Had a horrible experience at this store yesterday. I remembered that someone here had recommended them. I wanted to see if they had the bulbs I was looking for.

    The place is small and dingy. The tanks were so covered with algae that you could barely see inside. Half of the fish were dead. They had a gorgeous betta that was so unique that I was really tempted to also purchase what I would need to keep him (suitable heater/filter, etc). That's until the guy said to me "here, I'll give you a great deal on the tank I used to keep one in, I didn't bother with a filter or heater, and you only have to change the water out twice a year".


    My husband had already purchased Garlic Guard and a few other things. I do have to admit that their supplies were well priced and well stocked.

    But, after that bit about the betta, and seeing the other tanks, I grabbed hubby and we ran.

    Enter at your own risk.....
  2. TravelingSeasNew MemberMember

    Hello, my name is JP and I am the owner of Traveling Seas Pet Supply. I have been trying to get a hold of you since you started posting this stuff all over the internet to personally apologize for your experience however you made that pretty difficult. I just happened to be directed to this post so I figure here is my opportunity to reply finally.

    Please accept my apologies for your experience with my employee. I assure you it's not the way I want the business run in my absence. And while he tells the story a different way, I do understand there's two sides to each story. This side, that side and the truth is somewhere in the middle. With that being said, rest easy knowing this employee's livilihood is in jeopardy as a direct result of your experience.

    Now, I encourage anyone to vocalize about their experiences with a business. Without feedback there's no way any of us could possibly know where we have to improve. I certainly voice my opinion both good and bad towards other businesses I interact with and I wouldn't expect any less from anyone else.

    My store is not dingy, nor small. It is extremely well lit and just shy of 1500 square feet with another 1000 in warehouse space. It may not be laid out in a traditional square floor space, but it's certainly not dingy nor small and is kept clean.

    I also keep on hand close to 1000 fish and inverts between fresh and saltwater at any one time. Am I really to believe that upon your visit close to 500 once live animals were laying dead in the bottoms of 88 aquariums? I've never suffered those kinds of losses, even when using poor suppliers nevermind allowing them to rot and pollute only to kill the rest of my livestock. That seems a bit far fetched of a claim.

    Finally the algae. I am one that follows a more simple and natural approach to fishkeeping and leave algae to grow on the back glass of the aquariums when it does as in almost every tank I keep some sort of algae eating fish. It's more natural for the fish, helps with water quality, and keeps me from having to play chemical soup which in the end results only in dead fish in the customers tank because of such wild water variations. Also keep in mind when you've got 50 fish in a 20 gallon long with nothing but an air driven sponge filter, it's not exactly optimum conditions even with once weekly water changes. Unfortunately, this is the downside of retailing and trying to turn a profit. But, the fronts of the tanks are kept clean inside with mag float aglae magnets and the outsides are sprayed down in RO/DI water and squeegeed to keep every clean and tidy as often as possible.

    I think the extra commentary you've added about dingy, deaths, and dirty are unfair and I don't understand why you felt the need to take that route. If you'd like to come back to the store you can visit with me directly and tell me what you'd like me to do to satisfy you. As I said, my name is JP, I'm here more often that not, and certainly can't go unnoticed. Also, I'm always looking for more knowledgeable people to lend a hand. If you're interested and confident you can do a better job than current staff I'd love for you to interview with me and see what we can do for each other.

    Thanks for your time, again please accept my apologies.

    Traveling Seas Pet Supply
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    Edited thread to keep it a bit less personal. Not that either opinion is invalid, just that some of the discussion was not useful as a review. Also reopened thread. We don't want review threads closing, as it would be better for people to add their own opinions of a store to an extant thread, rather than having three different threads about the same establishment.

    Thank you to Lynda for the review of this store, and thank you to JP for taking the time to actually come here and respond.

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