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Discussion in 'USA Fish Stores' started by alink, Jul 18, 2015.

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    I have been frequently visiting the small pet shop, Just Pets in Appleton, WI. They are one of 3 freshwater fish stores in the Fox Valley. The staff seem very knowledgeable about the fish they sell and will make sure your tank is a going to be a good home for the fish you are buying. For a small store, they have a great selection with over 50 freshwater tanks stocked with fish (15-20 saltwater tanks as well with corals, fish and inverts). I wish I had found them when I first started my tanks instead of giving my business to the big box stores. Their fish is fairly priced, and the are willing to give deals if you buy quantity. They often have sales on fish as well. I have had very few fish from them that got sick or died. Compared to the other 2 local options, this is the best unless you want to travel to Green Bay, Madison or Milwaukee.
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    There ain't much good in Green Bay except for reefs aquatics. And that's saltwater.
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    I had heard that Fish Unlimited was a good one, but never made the trip to check them out. Is that not true?
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    Most people that I've talked to don't recommend it.

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