Just ordered a Sunsun HW-302 for my 33 gallon. :D


Is a replacemznt for my internal filter.
First did not plan to go external.
But have dust/particles floating in my tank and hope a much larger filter can get rid of those.

Currently have a fluval U3 that is dead silent.
So hope the sunsun is not much loader.

Any tips from co owners on this filter?
If I understand correctly the filter pads should go in the bottom tray (water flows from bottom to top to go out again)?



Hello Andy,

Hopefully you will receive some responses before long.

After you've tested/tried the filter for a while, please write a Review and place it in the Reviews/Fish Tank Filters section of the forum. I do not currently see on listed for it.

It would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! I hope the system works well for you!



The HW-302 is a great filter. Mine is very quiet, so I think you will be pleased. A few tips that I have found helpful....

Once ready to start up, pour water into the main chamber and fill up almost to the top. Then put top on and start up. Push the priming button down multiple times as you tip the canister side to side and front to back, as this helps work out all the air bubbles.

Use a small amount of pure 100% petroleum jelly along the basket edges where they touch the inner canister walls. This helps to remove them, as sometimes (the bottom basket especially) is wedged in very tight and a bit difficult to remove. This is good in one sense, as you know there is no bypass of the filter media.

Save the circles that are cut out of the filter pads as you can stuff them into the baskets in the tiny spots under where the handles are, as I feel water may try to flow through there and perhaps bypass a little of the filtration.

Here is a write-up that explains the basics about it that I found helpful.....

As for the stacking of the baskets, the flow goes to the bottom of filter and then up through the middle and out the top back into the aquarium, so as such, I stack my media like so....

Bottom basket (water hits the bottom first then flows upward) - Blue coarse filtration pad to get large debris. (I actually use 2 of these followed by 1 white fine filter pad)

Middle basket - 1 white fine filter pad, some Seachem Matrix bio-media mixed in with cut up filter floss from my previous filter, then 1 more fine filter pad.

Top basket - A bunch more Seachem Matrix topped with 1 more fine filter pad before water exits the top and back into the aquarium.

Here are some links to the stuff I use, while you can't order from these places in Germany, it will give you an idea of what to look for.....

Seachem Matrix - 1 Liter should be plenty -

Blue coarse filter pads and white fine pads - My filter came with 3 of the fine filter pads and nothing else for filtration. So I bought 2 of these packs from ebay where they come with 1 blue and 3 white fine pads.


I have a few Sun Suns on various tanks, and while not as quite as my Eheims, or efficient as my Fluvals, they also cost about 40% of those filters, and really, the difference in performance does not justify the difference in price---very, very good filter overall in any case, and very well priced to boot.
That is about all I have to add, as I agree wholly with Dolfan on his advise Re: them.
All the best,rick


I have a sun sun 302 on my 29 gallon and love it. I have that tank right next to my bed and I can't even hear it running at all. I actually occasionally check to see if it's running.
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Thanks all for the advice, links,..
Might hear from me again once I have it. Is my first cannister filter but think I should be able to connect it even with a poor manual.

Am planning to order some blue filter pads as well.

One question: is the skimmer useful if you have floating plants in the tank?


I don't use the skimmer personally, its kind of a gimmick, as it is not as functional as a proper skimmer. As long as you position the spray bar so it disturbs the surface a bit, then it will stir up anything on top so the intake can suck it in.
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Can you mount the suction bar without the T-section on it for this skimmer
(or is there a stopper included when you do not choose to use the skimmer)?



You can just remove the "T section".

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