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    I just have one dog her name is Bell and she is a Mexican chiwawa I got her from one of my relatives who could not support her anymore. I have had Bell for about 6 years and she is getting quite old. She is about 10 years old and her birthday is extreamly easy to remember its August 21 the same as mine. That has been a fun coincidence ever since I first got her. She has two health problems which are epilepsy and she is mostly blind but neither one seems to slow her down because despite her age and health concerns she still acts like a energetic young puppy. I have some pictures of Bell as well.
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    Welcome to FishLore!
    She's darling! Thank you for sharing her with us.
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    Beautiful little pup! :) She looks warm and toasty.

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    She's precious! Love her little sweater. She looks all snuggled up.
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    Welcome to the community!! She is precious! I have a teacup/appleface chihuahua (Tilly), she's also blind, I know what you mean ♥

    Chihuahua Love!

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    I love your chiwawa picture she's so cute.