Just Lost My Betta - Rest In Peace Blue Ocean


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I am heartbroken but relieved, my very first fish & Betta just passed as I was out getting a bottle of clove oil.

My son picked him last June as we were at our little LPS buying cat food. School had just ended for the summer that day & he picked out this really pale little Super Delta Betta & begged me to buy him. As he had been asking for a long time, I conceded & our new pet Blue Ocean came home. I knew he would become my fish & I was totally okay with that.

My husband was the one who said, go out & get him a nice tank to live in, so we bought him a 5.5 gallon Top Fin with heater & decorations. Our little Blue Ocean grew into a beautiful brilliant blue & was the friendliest, most non-aggressive soul.

But sadly, I made a TON of mistakes with him & he suffered for it.

Fin Rot
Snail infestation
SwI'm Bladder

I tried so hard to save him over the last 5 months. I am very lucky to have a hubby who supports the health of our family - kids, cats, dog & now the Betta fish. He never complained about the cost of the different meds or supplies. Hard to believe how much effect this little fish could have on our heartstrings. So here I am sitting in the office now, hiding from my children the fact that I am balling my eyes out typing this. My son (10) who picked him that day, knows Blue Ocean was very sick & dying but I haven't told him yet that he has passed. Would it be crazy to pick a nice spot in the backyard & bury him?

I have learned so much from this forum. Thank you everyone. I may not have posted much, but I've spent many a late night pouring over the posts, taking in advice & wisdom.

Thank you all so much.


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Aw, sorry for the loss
Not crazy at all! You can bury him wherever your heart desires!

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Agree not crazy at all.
Our Powder Blue Dwarf GouramI has also passed recently. We got him knowing the risk about the Iridovirus and he lasted 2 months but wife got attached to him. She cried a lot when I told her he was showing signs already. Luckily he didn't suffer for a long time, It was all quick and passed before we got to euthanize him.

We buried him on one of our indoor potted plant and named that plant after him. Sorry for your loss. But all lessons learned from this forum are valuable and I know would be handy on your next fish friend

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