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  1. IHaveCrabs Member Member

    Hello! I want to keep a tank of snails. No fish, just snails. I talked to my local Aquarium shop owner and he seemed to think this was a bad idea because of bacteria not building up properly.

    Can you keep just snails?
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Sure you can! You might want to cycle the tank without the snails in it though since some are extra sensitive to poor water quality. If you want to keep pond/bladder snails though they'll be fine.
  3. IHaveCrabs Member Member

  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Having a cycled tank means that you have enough nitrifying bacteria living in the filter media to convert all the ammonia waste from the creatures in the tank to less harmful nitrates.

    In what's known as a fishless cycle you feed the tank with pure ammonia or ammonium until a certain amount is able to be converted in 24 hours, then you can begin to stock your tank.
  5. IHaveCrabs Member Member

    Thank you! Would I need to do anything else special with a strictly snail tank?
  6. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I don't think so! Just make sure to stock appropriately for your tank size and get a good filter. Also mystery snails need an appropriate diet, not just algae and they are poop machines so you'll need to stay on top of the vacuuming ;)
  7. Mothercrow Well Known Member Member

    They like live plants, though I hear that mystery snails will eat them. Also, don't forget that snails need calcium or their shells will erode.

    I have a snail-only tank, but it's pest snails. Just because I like them.
  8. IHaveCrabs Member Member

    I have land hermit crabs and they eat the heck out of cuttlefish bones and I read that snails eat it as well. I saw that some people put it in their filter but I am wondering how you keep the level of calcium correct. I am not sure if it is like with crabs, where too much actually can cause them to stiffen.

    Also, I read that snails like friends. Is it okay just to have one or do you need several?
  9. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Mystery snails don't eat live plants, they only eat dead plant matter. Apple snails will eat plants though so make sure you get the right kind!

    It is nice for the snails to have the option of grazing on cuttlebone but keeping it in the filter will allow calcium to dissolve if something happens to your pH/KH and prevent their shells from eroding.
  10. IHaveCrabs Member Member

    I am sure I am over thinking this, I just do not want any little guys to die because I did not read up. How do you make sure too much calcium does not dissolve into the water?
  11. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    It just won't. If there are enough minerals in the water there isn't "room" in the water for more to dissolve into it.
  12. IHaveCrabs Member Member

    Thank you for your help!
  13. IHaveCrabs Member Member

    So I have three snails at the moment. I love them but oh the poop! What would you suggest to deal with it.
  14. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Haha yes, mystery snails do poop a lot! All you can do is vacuum it up. Do you have live plants? If you have enough of them the poop won't be such an issue because you won't see it as much and the plants can use the nutrients.
  15. IHaveCrabs Member Member

    I am going to get more plants today.

    Another question, one snail is kind of letting it's siphon hang out while at the bottom of the tank. Does this mean the water needs more oxygen?
  16. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    That's weird but no, if your snail needs air it will go to the top and stick its siphon out there. Having it hanging out at the bottom doesn't do any good.
  17. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    They do that from time to time. If it truly needs oxygen, it will climb up the wall and snorkel with it's siphon. Which they do that from time to time too. Then they can float on the surface with all the air they took in. When they're done with that they'll crack the door open, let the air out, and sink. Very playful critters full of antics. By the way, yours are very beautiful. I've got 2 mysteries and 3 nerites myself. Just added the second one (the ivory) yesterday.

    PS- They love blanched zucchini. Lots of calcium in that for them. Takes a few tries to teach them they can eat it though.

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  18. IHaveCrabs Member Member

    Yours are just lovely! Those white ones are an amazing color! I would love one.

    I have given them zucchini. I have so much in my garden at the moment I have been giving it also to my dog! Do you know anything about snail jello?

    Here is Heather Mooney at the moment. She is next to a marimo plant. Orpheus is on her back.

    IMG_20170721_104959 (1).jpg
  19. Chaotiklown Initiate Member

    My snail jello contains;

    Knox gelatin base, unflavored

    Green bean baby food

    Placo algae wafers, tums, cuttlebone, and various fish flake food, all powdered in a mortar and pestle.

    I don't use as much water as called for, so it's more solid. Stored in the fridge.

    They tear it up, no joke. All the babies remind me of ants, how they swarm on it.
  20. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    I thought you did have an ivory from the pic of 3. What do you have? Blue, golden, and chesnut?

    Unfortunately, I've never tried the jello. Maybe someday. I did have a betta with the blue one, but he passed away. Heard that bettas are notorious for bloating themselves on snello.