Just had some babie Jack Dempseys, need some help!

Discussion in 'Jack Dempsey' started by Plecosaurous, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. PlecosaurousNew MemberMember

    Hello all!
    Upon awakening today I discovered that my Jack Dempsey's are now new parents. There are around 30-40 little baby Jacks now in my tank, all have hatched. How do I feed/care for them? Also what do I do with the babies? Sell them on craigslist or to a LFS? Any help would be great, because baby fishies were the last thing that I thought would have happened.
    Thanks, pics will be up soon of them!

  2. redlessiWell Known MemberMember

    Congrats!!!! I never had JD's but for my livebearer fry I give very finely crushed flakes and freeze dried baby shrimp very finely crushed. You can buy hikari first bites they are for fry also.
  3. PlecosaurousNew MemberMember

    Should I put them in a smaller tank? or keep them in the one they are in? I am honestly clueless as to how to care for them
  4. btate617Well Known MemberMember

    Dempseys are good parents most of the time. However in a 30gal tank you may have problems, how big is the pair?

  5. PlecosaurousNew MemberMember

    5-6 inches a piece, not too big for dempseys
  6. btate617Well Known MemberMember

    What do you mean not to big for Dempseys? Sorry guess I am slow.

    In a 30gal I would move the fry once free swimming. Yes you can spawn a fish like a dempsey in a 30 but you are honestly just sitting around waiting for trouble. I got serious into breeding cichlids around '96-97 and I probably wouldn't try them for spawning in a 30.

    Here is your biggest problem if you ask me. You need to move the fry once free swimming the tank just isn't big enough. Heres why, you are going to need to feed more now. In that size tank the water is going to foul rather quickly with the extra feedings. Which of course means more water changes. The problem there is while you are in the tank messing around with water changes you stand a good chance of spooking the pair and when that happens they will normally eat their fry. In a bigger tank at least they have room to get away from you while you are in there to feel somewhat safe.

    Problem 2..... like I said you should get the fry their own tank. When you do this, taking all the fry from them, the male is going to want to breed again right away. (now that he knows what to do he is going to want to do it all the time unless he is looking after a batch of fry.)

    Your best bet in a 30gal, what I would do if it were me. Move about half the fry to another tank and keep half with the parents. I already said the problem with fry in that size tank with the parents BUT at least now they still have some fry to tend too and hopefully you don't stress them while in there to the point of them eating the fry you left in with them. You will just have to keep up on maint. in the 30gal. Honestly you put yourself in a tight spot but you can make it work. I would expect some sort of problems, either the male beating the crap out of the female or all the fry getting eaten or something along those lines but you don't have much choice. Good luck.

  7. PlecosaurousNew MemberMember

    So once the fry are starting to get a little larger, what should I do with them? Because I do not have room for them
  8. btate617Well Known MemberMember

    My first thought would be plan ahead if you are going to breed fish.......
    Even if you plan on putting 2 or more cichlids in a tank you have the chance of breeding so.

    I would call your LFS and start asking now. They won't give you much for them but maybe you an get enough to get some food or something for them.

  9. CHoffmanFishlore VIPMember

    JD's are an awesome fish. Brian gave you some great advice. A 30 gallon is to small for a fish like a JD. I feed my babies JD's and any baby fish really golden pearls and decapulated brine shrimp. I order them from kens.   He has a great selection of food and all kinds of stuff. I order from him a lot. You can call your LFS or you can, when big enough, around 1" sell them on craigslist. I screen people to make sure they are going to knowledgeable homes if I don't know them already. Good luck with them. Craigslist is also a GREAT place to get a bigger tank at a great price. I've got plenty off craigslist. Then you could have the 30 gallon for a grow out tank for the babies!!. :)

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