Just Got A New Macro Lens!!! (JustAFishServant)


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Hey all! Sorry I haven't been as active as of lately. There have been many things going on with the 28 rescue fish! (If you want more info I do have an Imgur and an Instagram :))

When scrolling through Imgur, a post caught my eye. Someone had a macro lens and was taking fin-tastic pictures of one of my favorite subjects: Nature! Now, I admit, I've always wanted a macro lens since I was very young but never had the time to do research on them (or maybe I was just lazy? Lol). I decided to go into my browser and do some research on macro lenses. I went onto ONE website, and I was sold!! They advertised one brand (called Xenvo, just in case y'all are interested) that is sold on Amazon. I looked into it, and boy was this the most fin-tastic thing I had ever seen! The lens is extremely high quality and, best of all, it only costs a mere $40!! And to make it ever better, it's not just the macro lens! This bargain includes a wide angle lens that attaches to the macro, an easy release lanyard, an awesome LED with three settings (bright, mid, and dim), a charger for the LED so you won't have to worry about it burning out, a cloth to clean the lens, and a really cool case to safety transport the lens wherever I go (cuz I know I'm bringing it everywhere lol). To be honest, I didn't do any research as soon as I saw this lens...I just wanted this!!

We decided to order it right away. About 2 days later it had arrived! Man, was I excited! But, before I could try out the new lens, I had some pet things to take care of. So, 2 days passed, and the lens stay sitting on my table. Once everything was taken care of, however, I decided that was the day! I visited the website and started watching every single one of their videos! This thing was easier to set up than I thought! No hardware to work with, no difficult doodads, no suspicious spy activity (maybe I'm a bit paranoid lol). After setting this up last night, I immediately started to take pics of our yard, the Bettas, and a special rescue that I will reveal later on...

Please enjoy these pictures I took! Some are better than others (I consider myself an adept photographer but definitely not an expert)! :)


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