Just Got A 37 Gallon Tank. Need Advice On Filters, Fish, And More!


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Hey everyone. I currently have a 10 gallon and two five gallons running with bettas in them, but I just got a 37 gallon tank from my boyfriend. I had to order a stand today as well because I don't have anything in the house strong enough to hold it.

Here are some things I have questions on.

1. It comes with a Topfin filter rated for the size of tank it is. Is this filter going to be good enough, or should I go ahead and buy an Aquaclear to substitute (i've always preferred aquaclears but if there is a different better or cost effective suggestion im open to it!)?

2. I want this tank to be full of live plants. What kind of substrate would you suggest? I really want black sand- but what brand? Is the Seachem Flourite sand any good?

3. **** do i do about fish? I plan on putting my 6 kuhli loaches in there, but besides that I haven't got a clue what to do!!

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If you decide on blasting sand I'll warn you it's really time and water consuming to clean. It's full of super fine heavy dust or some people say oil. That said it's dramatic in the tank. My tank unfortunately had the back painted black 30 years ago and I have trouble seeing my fish. The pepper cories are like ghosts disappearing lol.
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