Just finished moving!!!

  1. Beeker

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    All moved and set up! :;banaman

    The adults took it in stride. They have been through it before and were really great about it. They are so excited to be in a new place! It is so funny to watch them explore their new surroundings. :;scuba I put the tank near a window, so each morning, they like to watch the sunrise and do some sunbathing. Because of where the tank is in relation to the electrical sockets, I had to switch sides with their bubble bar which forces me to rearrange the rest of the ornaments and plants. My friend (the landlord) is still moving his stuff out of the room, so there are piles of boxes that are always being moved which makes a constantly changing world for them. They love it! There is so much for them to see. It makes up for me not being able to set up the tv for them. (bad mommy:nono:)
    The 4 babies I have left (the two that got beat up by the fin nipper didn't make it :( )which are about 5 months old now, didn't really like the move. They all made it, but they seem a bit traumatized. They lived in a 10 gal, bare bottom tank up until now. Once I made the move, I set up the 20 gal for them with live plants and more ornaments. They seem to like the 20 gal now that there are plenty of hiding places, but they are still getting used to the new surroundings. The two big ones, to my surprise, are still scared of people. Whenever I come to feed them, they dart off and hide in the back of the tank. This actually started before the move, so I am wondering if my neighbor across the hall, whom I shared a common wall with near where the fishtank was, was maybe a bit noisey and scared them. It seems a little worse now, since the move. I hope they calm down and settle in soon. The two smaller ones seem content. They come right over to me and also like to look around. Strange how the ones you think would be tougher are the scared ones.
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    So glad to hear the move went well.
    What kind of fish?
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    Congrats on the move, always a lot of work but so rewarding when it's done! They watch tv LOL love it!
  4. OP

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    Once the babies are big enough to put in the large tank with the adults, I plan to use the 20 for tropicals. That will give everyone, including myself, some time to settle in and get organized.