Just Dropped By To Say Hello!!!!

  1. shih-tzu mom Well Known Member Member

    Hi: all[Lucy] just dropped by to say hello and i'm upgrading my crowntail betta-to a 20-gal; boy he's growing each day and i think he needs the space. I know this should be in the betta section-but that way i could not say hello and a very Mery Christmas To All. And of course many thanks for all the help received so often,.I guess i was probabely the only one with 300+plus change in one post[ha ha] but Lucy stuck with me and a few others where as many would have quit lol-Good luck everyone and the best xmas ever for all of you[Lucy]-bella
  2. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    merry christmas, bella. :)

  3. shih-tzu mom Well Known Member Member

    Thank-You and to you and Your's-bella
  4. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Hi Bella :;hi1
    Funny, I was just wondering how you were doing.

    A 20g, what a lucky betta boy!

    That was a heck of a thread and I think even if member were not posting, they rooting for the best out come.
    We were all at a loss on that.

    Have a Merry Christmas :)

  5. shih-tzu mom Well Known Member Member

    Lucy; i was referring to the cycleing thread lol-it went on,on on, i thought it would never get in my head lol-but with your help it did[little hard headed.] My new betta boy is amazing but still trying names on for him just can't get one yet, He is in a bowl right now waiting on his tank[which is cycled and another betta[ previous to him], so i have to add a few finishing touches to his house.Very responsive little guy-just bought him a couple of days ago and just beautiful-already coming to front of bowl to check me out. And i am into birds now-2-beautiful lovies i raised myself[very quiet] and a baby conure-green cheek] and next week i will get a 5-1/2 week old quaker that i will hand feed-so i still have all my betta's and i did lose one-to old age i think and i also have a disabled parrolet-who i call Pickles-a real full house here but a busy one-i will post pic of new betta when i get him set up-You know Lucy with Peek-at the end just before i put him done i think he had cancer? as his stomach went down but then a little lump came up -seemed very weird to me-but he had just stopped eating that day and it was time.bella
  6. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    :shock: The cycling thread. How could I forget that one. lol
    Wow, didn't realize you still had all your bettas. Sorry about the loss, it stinks to lose one.
    I hope you're going to divide the 20?

    We have several members who keep birds, how cool!
  7. shih-tzu mom Well Known Member Member

    No, Lucy the other betta's are in a 5-5 tank-lol i didn't get rid of all my tanks just the goldie tanks-couldn't get rid of all of them. The betta's are doing fine and hope they remain that way and the birds are just to cool-the green cheek is talking and that's not common for that type of parrott to talk-but she is 3-1/2 months old and talks up a storm-i was sick one day and covered her a little early and i think she really cursed at me lol for going [night night ] early.Pickles the disabled parrolet-he;s always in some sort of trouble-so he keeps me on my toes. New quaker baby will come xmas day-so nice little present to me-when i blew the motor in my car-bella

  8. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello shih-tzuMom. Best wishes to you and yours!
  9. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello, Bella! It's great to hear from you again! We've added a few members to our bird flock here as well.

    Merry Christmas:;santaclaus
  10. shih-tzu mom Well Known Member Member

    Thanks to all and a very Merry Christmas-bella