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  1. Pamela M.

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    So 10-20% water changes every week or 2?
    Make sure only nitrate levels are showing before adding fish?
    How often do I check water levels?
    And how long do I wait to de-chlorinize the new water before putting it the tank after a water change?
  2. Lindsay83

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    If you're doing a fishless cycle, you only need to do water changes if ammonia gets above 4ppm, and nitrite gets above 5ppm.

    If you're doing a fish-in cycle and are not using a product such as Tetra Safe Start (although Prime does the same inasmuch as it detoxifies ammonia and nitrite), you'll need to do water changes every day to keep ammonia and nitrite below 1ppm.

    Dechloronator is usually pretty quick to work. I fill at the tap, add decloronator as the water's filling, stir/swish It around a bit and add it straigh to the tank once I reach it.
  3. OP
    Pamela M.

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    I would rather do a fish less cycle. How often do I check ammonia and nitrite levels to know whether or not to do water changes?
  4. EternalDancer

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    Check every 24 hours.

    Someone with better help will be along, but, ultimately, you want to get to a point where you dose ammonia, and 24 hours later, your tank is showing 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 5-10 nitrAte.

    Once you get to this point, you can stop dosing ammonia, and start adding fish (only a couple every couple of weeks).

    Basically, you'll grow enough bacteria to cope with a certain amount of ammonia. If you then go and throw a bunch of fish in, they'll create too much ammonia for your bacteria to handle, and then you'll have a "mini-cycle" while your bacteria attempt to multiple to deal with the excess, which could in the meantime poison your fish.

    As I understand it, dose your tank to 1ppm ammonia, and check again in 24 hours. Top up to 1ppm every 24 hours until 24 hours later you get a reading of 0. Then dose your tank to 2ppm and repeat. Once that's gone in 24 hours, as well as nitrite, add fish.
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    Hello and welcome to Fishlore. This is just a suggestion..I think you should do a fish in cycle, it will be so much easier, and faster to cycle. Also you don't have the constant worry of adding ammonia/food, the water changes, or testing.
    1: Get a big bottle of Tetra Safe Start Plus(TSS+) and a bottle of Seachem Prime.

    2: Do a water change of about 75%, and clean the substrate.

    3: Add Prime, wait 24 hours.

    4: After the 24 hours are up, you can then add the whole bottle of TSS+. Make sure that you shake the mess out of the TSS+.

    5: For two full weeks you don't have to do anything but sit back, relax, watch your fish, and feed them. Don't do any water changes, or clean the gravel, or do any water testing. This will allow the Beneficial Bacteria (BB) to build up.

    6: After the two weeks are up, do a water change of 50%, then test your water...you should be cycled.
    Just too easy!!!
    P.S. make sure that the test kit you get is the Master test kit. It tests for everything except hardness and softness. Get it on Amazon for pretty cheap.
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