Just Bought And Forgotten What It's Called Already...

Discussion in 'Plant ID' started by Brannor, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. BrannorValued MemberMember

    I'm terrible with names of plants...

    Below is my tank...
    I know I put in Java Fern (middle back), and the big bushy one is hornwort?

    The plant on the left I cannot recall... nor those dark green ones in the back middle-to-right (next to a second hornwort bush)...
    And the two species of grass?

    I'm trying to find out so that I can keep track of how best to care for them.

  2. jess3434Valued MemberMember

    I believe the big bushy one is cabomba, it looks like it more than hornwort but I may be wrong.

  3. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    Hygrophila of some sort is the left one, then I believe I see some micro swords

  4. B3tta fishyValued MemberMember

    The bushy one looks like cabomba (I have that one, I had big bushy ones then they all just dissapered lol. I have a couple leaves left that I planted tho)
    Plant on the left looks like hygro to me. I have it too, they get really tall depending on the species

  5. SFGiantsGuyWell Known MemberMember

  6. JLeeMWell Known MemberMember

    The darker green next to the bushy one (if I'm looking at the same plant as you are) looks like anacharis.
  7. BrannorValued MemberMember

    Yes, I recognise the scientific name of Elodea. :)

  8. anirocWell Known MemberMember

    Hygrophila corymbosa on the left. I also see three Java fern leaves.
  9. WraithenWell Known MemberMember

    Dude! Are you dosing c02? That thickness is insane!
  10. BrannorValued MemberMember

    Probably from overfeeding... (take a look at my tank thread and you'll see how much it's grown in under 2 months) I now have to deal with a whole bunch of staghorn - thread to come once I have some nice close up underwater photos of it.

    No CO2... but did add some Osmocote tabs around the time I started the plants. Oh, and water temp was initially 26C, now set it down to 24C.
  11. WraithenWell Known MemberMember

    Must be good lighting then. I always end up overfeeding to appease the family and my plants cant get enough light and carbon in my 2 foot tall tank to do that. Some tanks are just born for stuff. Mine are good at growing fish stupid fast and keeping plants growing ok despite my best efforts. I'm sure once you get your golden nutrients dialed in you will be giving away easy plants and growing things you shouldn't be able to.
  12. BrannorValued MemberMember

    Thanks to this forum and reading on plants, I knew exactly what it was when one of the smaller leaves from the Java Fern broke off about 2 weeks back. I left it in the back of the tank and went to look at it last night. It's now been transferred to my wife's tank in a spot that I hope it'll continue to grow. (yes, it's an Ice Age 4 cup... kids... :p )

  13. BrannorValued MemberMember

    Ok. Help... wife's tank. Whast is this? It's dying while everything else looks to doing ok.


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