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    Very stressed platty possible pregnant

    today I got 3 orange tux platty's 2 female and 1 male.
    the male is very agressive to one of the females I mean AGRESSIVE as soon as he see's her He trys to attack her?? also she looks pregnant or fat? wich she wasnt when I got her mabe 8 hours ago?

    p.s I have 2 males and 2 females in total?

    any idear what to do ? or what it is? thank you for your time

  2. iloveengl

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    Just an fyi to other posters who read this thread: the OP has already received good info in a different thread about concerns over the betta and ACF in his 20g tall. (Just didn't want this thread to get off track.)

    As for the platies, your females are more than likely already pregnant. Your male may be harassing her because he is "in the mood" or because he smells that she is pregnant and wants to be there to snack on the fry as she gives birth.

    2-3 females per male is the highly recommended ratio because livebearer males are aggressively insistent about mating and will literally pester females to death. As the forum member mommybaby put it: female fish can't just tell their men they have a headache and end it at that. ;)

    I recommend you exchange one of your males for a female or just return the male if you don't want another female.