Just A Weird Question I Should Probably Know The Answer To.

  1. b

    bio-tech1 New Member Member

    Ok, weird question time. So i just bought a tetra 1-3 gallon filter. Just so i could use the air pump and airline tubing that comes with it to make an air-stone. It was cheaper this way. Anyway, I now have a filter i am not using that is useless without the pump and lubing. I was wondering if i took out the filter cartridge and put it in one of my 1 gallon betta grow out tanks, just the carriage straight into the water, would it do anything? Grow beneficial bacteria? Help the tank in any way since i don't have a filter on it at all?
  2. Lissi Kat

    Lissi Kat Valued Member Member

    I suppose it would grow some bactira I don't know if it would be massively benefits to that tank if water flow isn't being fed through it but it could be used at a later date in a different tank and be at least partially cycled
  3. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    Not really it needs water to flow through it to colonize. You may get som on it but i dont think it would be worth the eye sore.