Just A Though About Internal Parasites

  1. Livielupop

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    In the past I've had fish die with their stomachs getting really skinny all of a sudden. They're acting fine but eventually chill at the bottom till their death...it really confuses me. My water parameters are always pristine when this kind of thing happens and all the other fish are all healthy. I wonder though if a fish dies like this and it is most likely and internal parasite could it affect the other fish?
  2. maggie thecat

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    Internal parasites have several forms throughout their lifecycle, including being an egg that is dropped in the feces of host fish. That egg hatches and becomes a larva or other intermediate form. These other forms attract fish, who eat them, and the cycle repeats.

    So if parasites have been a concern, then worming your entire tank at appropriate intervals is a sensible precaution.
  3. Aquaphobia

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    It is possible. What kind of fish does this happen to? It could also be old age or cancer or any number of things that cause wasting.
  4. p

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    including that somehow, that particular fish isn't getting to the food before the others do. eventually he loses strength to keep trying, chills out and dies.
  5. OP

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