1. Fish'd

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    I went to Wal-mart and bought Jungle test strips because my LFS only has copper tests. Anyway, I was looking for the API Master Kit or some liquid tests, but the only liquid they had was API pH tests. Instead, I got a Jungle Ammonia test kit with strips, and then the 5 in 1, too.

    I know strips are less accurate, but at least I can still have an idea for my water.

    Buuuut... I'm having second thoughts.
    Is it even worth opening the boxes, or should I take them back to Wal-mart while I still can? I thought about ordering of the internet, but I figure the shipping and the fact that something could happen to it in the mail means I ought to leave that alone. Plus, it'll take a while and I have really limited cash. What should I do?
  2. freak78

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  3. OP

    Fish'd Valued Member Member

    That's about the same price I paid for these strips! And it ships pretty fast, too... I'll probably return these things, then. <3
  4. Meenu

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    I think returning them is a good call. The price on Amazon was really good too, when I bought my kit.
  5. OP

    Fish'd Valued Member Member

    Just looked at that. I'l consider it, too. :3

    I went to Wal-mart and returned them already. I asked the lady if I could get a cash refund and she told me no. Then she asked about my insurance. She thought they were diabetes strips at first glance. xD
    I don't blame her, really. They look similar.

    I've got my money though, so I'm going test hunting! Thanks guys!