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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by goldiegirl, Mar 16, 2010.

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    Hi, everyone : ) I have a question about Jungle Tank Buddies Parasite Clear tablets. I used some in my 55 gallon tank last night with my 2 comet goldfish. The dosage instructions don't make very much sense to me. I called the phone number on the package, and their directions didn't make much sense either, then I got disconnected. The package says to remove the carbon from the filter during treatment and gives confusing instructions on how frequently to treat. I did take the carbon out, but what I'm wondering is... when do I put it back? When can I do a water change (do I have to leave the med. in for a certain number of days?) When do I treat again, if at all? The directions say you can treat again in a 48 hour period with a 25% water change and they also say that for certain types of parasites you can repeat 3x a week or something. Also, the man I spoke with said for internal parasites you do one treatment and external you do another regimen. We got disconnected before I could understand any of it, but he said something about treating once a week for two weeks or three weeks or treating every other day... ug, I have no idea! The reason I started the treatment to begin with was because one of my fish was flashing/darting/spasming and having long, stringy white poop. I had also recently treated them with antibacterial food for another issue with the other fish in the tank, and that solved the white poop problem, but this other fish was still doing the darting, so I suspect some kind of internal parasite. However, I'm not sure, and even if I was, I'm totally unclear on the dosage instructions. Please let me know if any of you have used these tablets and what your experience was like. I really want to put my carbon back in ASAP, but I have no clue how long I'm supposed to leave it out or if I'm supposed to use anymore tablets (I just did one dosage so far - 5 tablets in about 50 gallons of water). Thanks!
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    I haven't had much luck with the jungle tabs, but then again its been a while since I've had to medicate. I found it to be confusing as well. But I can tell you you can add the carbon again after your finished with the treatment. I would change the carbon after 2 weeks, then back to the normal schedule.
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    Thank you, Jaysee. But what I don't understand is, when am I done with the treatment? That's the part I don't understand. I put them in last night, so how long do I have to wait before putting the carbon back? Also... since I don't understand it, I'm thinking of just buying the anti-parasite food. Do you think it would be harmful to give those at the same time as the tablets are in the tank?
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    I just don't trust the tabs. I'd get another medication. Sorry I can't help you more as far as meds are concerned. The fish don't always eat the medicated food, but feeding food with garlic in it is supposed to be a great preventative measure. IME it works.

    Internal parasites are hard to determine when treatment is "over." I'd treat for a ?week? and then add the carbon, I guess.
  5. bubblefishValued MemberMember

    You put the carbon back in after the course of treatment. One treatment is over a duration of 48 hours. If you decide that one treatment is sufficient, put the carbon back in 48 hours after you put the treatment in.

    If you decide that you need to do two treatments, you would:
    1) put in one treatment
    2) wait 48 hours
    3) do 25% water change
    4) put in the second treatment
    5) wait 48 hours
    6) and then put the carbon back in.

    Once the carbon is put back in, it begins to remove the meds from the water.
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  6. goldiegirlValued MemberMember

    Thank you, bubblefish! You just explained it in the simplest way I've heard yet, even better than the package. I don't know how I didn't understand it. Thanks!
  7. bubblefishValued MemberMember

    You're welcome.