June 15th Meeting At Nolan's Aquarium In Santa Ana

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  1. Kole85 New Member Member

    Hey everyone,
    If you are in the Southern California area, the SCAPE (Southern California Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts) meeting for June will be on June 15th at Nolan's Aquarium in Santa Ana at 12:30pm. Stop on by the club website to RSVP and start adding any auction items you might have.
    Hope to see you all there!
    Nolan's Aquarium
    2004 S Yale St ste c, Santa Ana, CA 92704
    (626) 524-1792
  2. Thedudeiam94 Valued Member Member

    Sucks being in Virginia! I would love to partake in these festivities!
  3. Orion1066 New Member Member

    Looks like I am going to miss this one.