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Hi. My kids and I started a new aquarium a couple months ago. They wanted a Red Tail Shark so we set out to learn as much as we could about them before we got our little Oni. We got a 30 gallon tank and let it cycle for a full 6 weeks. We made sure the cave and plants were all placed before cycling too. By the time we got Oni, our water was crystal clear, our colonies were stable, and our water tested perfect across the board.

Oni has the tank all to himself and when he comes out he seems happy (pretty sure he's male based on coloring and body shape). He loves diving in and out of the water flow from the filter. The only problem is that he won't eat anything except what he gets off the tank walls and rocks. We've tried all of the sinking crumbles and high end pellets, and even tried bloodworms. We've dropped the food so it lands right in front of him, and he still ignores it. We've had him for almost 3 weeks, and every day I vacuum the food back out again. Everything I've read says I shouldn't worry, that sometimes it takes awhile for RTS to settle. He looks fine though so I'm trying not to worry. Has anyone else had this issue? He's a little guy right now so maybe he's just not a big eater yet??

Anyway, he seems to love his tank and he even comes right up to my son when he approaches. He's definitely smart, and recognizes us. We're still pretty new to all this so I'm glad this forum is out there! We're excited to check out everyone's aquariums and look forward to sharing ours (even if it's not all that fancy ).


Welcome! Least he is finding something to eat to sustain himself. He will eat when he has a mind to, i reckon. Maybe just try every other day or every 3 days for a bit. Maybe not having it dropped in front of him everyday might kickstart something.


Welcome aboard! I have no experience with that species but they do look neat.

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