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Discussion in 'African Cichlids' started by JDcichlidlover, Dec 5, 2012.

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    So I got 5 johanni last Thursday. 2m3f. I know. My ratio isn't the best but that was all the females they had atm.

    My question is... why did two of the females get browner but the last is still the bright yellow color? My males look gorgeous. Neither one is dominant yet so they both have a lot of color. The browner females are chasing the yellower one around a lot too. What's up with this behavior? I didn't think johanni paired up but could this be the case?
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    IMG_20121207_050300.jpgIMG_20121206_133216.jpg Any ideas anyone?? The one is still yellower. The weird thing is that the males aren't really bothering any of the females. Its just those two females chasing the other around. Otherwise they're all happy and doing great ;)
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    Not sure on this one JD, sounds like it is stress related (darkening color) but saying they are the one doing the chasing doesn't make sense. you really need to get to one male though. just trouble waiting to happen unless you add another 4-5 females. JMO
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    Thanks disc. But I just did a 100% water change so I took them out (with a cup) and they turned almost yellow again while they were stressed. :( I'm clueless lol. They're back to brown. I switched the caves and everything around again. Seems to help with aggression when I change territories around. So more slate caves, driftwood, and a few more plants.
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    Switching will help as well as adding more rocks and caves. the more places they have to hide the better they will feel and become even more active. when you say Johanni, are you speaking of the Melanochromis Johanni? if so, they will change color a bit like that. this was a species at one time called the maingano but has been redefined into their own genus. you might google it and read a bit more. i had a group of these a couple years ago, nice fish.
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    Yeah. It was that species. I knew that females in mbuna went dull colored as they got older but I didn't think it would be that quick. All three are the same size. Yeah. I like watching them. Very energetic and plays well with all the others :) ill look them up some more.
    I think they're happy, none of them hide and they all know I'm the food lady lol. Even the featherfin comes out to say hi when I sit by the tank :D
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    well i figured out what it was :) silly me... different species.

    so I guess I accidently got two males and a female cuz the one never changes color and the other two will change at random. they're all pretty yellow right now though, i think its because of my big johanni boy, he could eat them if he wanted to ! lol.