Job benefits

  1. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    I found out that I pay what my shop pays plus 10% as a discount for working their.

    I bought a huge thin vallis for just $1.45 (they pay $1.20 and sell it for $4)
    also an Aquarium Pharm. Ammonia test kit for $7.67 normally $25
    Aquarium Pharm. Nitrite test kit for $6.27 normally $20

    Hehehe good deals. ;D
    Makes my job worthwhile
  2. chickadee

    chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    That's really great! Prices must be terrible there. The deal you made on the testing supplies sound fantastic! Yes, there are some benefits to working in THE business aren't there (besides getting to see the fish more often than the rest of us).

    Lucky guy!

    Rose :D
  3. OP

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    The prices are about average here maybe a little more expensive. But I'm in Australia. $AUD.
  4. n

    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    ooooh thats why. i was thinking what bad prices! the litle test kits should have been like $5! but im in USD. lol