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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by JJSLM, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Documentation of my 120g community fw tank build.


    Bought a used 120g (dual overflow) tank and stand for $150..... Planned on doing a reef tank, as I've had much success with my 72 bow front, and other sw tanks over the years. Decided it might be better to do something less costly and more kid oriented.

    Anyway, I'm in the building phase with nothing more than many problems that need solutions. What style sump? It will be DIY of sorts, I have a new 40 breeder that will serve the purpose quite well once I nail down a design. Do I go for a wet dry, fw refugium, or just a simple sump? Then what filter media do I want to use. What size pump? About the only thing I'm sure of is my plumbing & heaters.

    thinking of stocking it with catfish

    I havent even even decided what I want to put in this tank, Gah!

    Pictures later when I'm on a PC.


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  2. guthrieb08Valued MemberMember

    Im curios about this as well. I want to do a 15-20 gallon sump for my 55 gallon tank. Would love to hear som designs that work for ppl. It is a fw tank as well wondered what to put in the sump to filter it?

  3. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    uploaded two pictures. Going to Actually plan out my sump today, AFTER i hang up curtains for the misses

  4. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Didn't have a chance to plan the sump yesterday. However I did today. here is a link to the discussion
  5. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    ordered the glass needed for the sump baffles today.

    Will be ready on thursday.
  6. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Slow build is slow. Ordered a jebao dc 2000 pump for my return. Still haven't built my sump yet.

    Picked a theme however, kids want the tank to be Bikini Bottom. So sponge bob it is
  7. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Decided on a different route with the sump. Much easier & includes a bio tower!

    Sump is all plumbed in & pvc glue is drying.



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  8. dakotaValued MemberMember

    Interesting build. Be fun to see it up and running and pictures of it finished. Thanks
  9. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Filling it:


    Finished plumbing

    One of the dual overflows

    running after 48 hours


    Today's parameters:

    Temp 74*f
    Ammonia 0.25
    ph 7.6
    nitrates 0
    nitrites 0

    Now just waiting on all of the decorations to show up. Ordered most of it on ebay.

    So what is all of that you might ask?

    A 125g tank
    Dual 1" drains
    Dual 3/4" returns
    Walmart bioball tower/wet dry
    40 breeder sump
    2 x 300watt heaters
    jebao dc2000 return pump
    100# pool filter sand
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  10. RivieraneoModeratorModerator Member

    Im curious, what media are you using in your bio tower?
  11. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Right now, plain old plastic pot scrubbers in the bottom tray from the dollar store (biological media). Have ceramic o rings on order for the middle tray. Not running any mechanical in the top tray as there is no debris & everything else was vinegar cleaned when it went in the tank.
  12. asteele19Valued MemberMember

    Very similar to the filtration I have for my 75 gallon. Works wonderfully. It is by far my favorite type of filtration.
  13. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Its seems very popular. While this is my first FW tank that has a sump. Im by far not new to keeping large tanks. Being a SW guy for many years I tried to over complicate things with the sump. I really like this design because it was next to nothing to build cost & research wise. I get zero micro bubbles in my display. Now to just let it cycle.

    I'll be checking my parameters again tonight to see where my ammonia level is at.
  14. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Let the tank run for a few days to work out the kinks everything seems to be working perfectly. Went ahead and added a couple of danios and a small shark. Now to let things cycle
    , seed, and do it's thing. Still debating if I'm going to plant this tank. I might, have to buy t5 bulbs and dig up a old fixture from the garage, I think I have a 4x54w odyssey light in there somewhere.
  15. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Still no light, but i do have fish! Cycle is going very very slow. Ammonia hasnt risen above 0.25 and it's been nearly 2 weeks.

    Go figure
  16. guthrieb08Valued MemberMember

    it just takes time to get it cycled mine took 2+ weeks with fish in and it is only a 55 gallon.
  17. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Ammonia is up to 2.0. Time for a water change.

    Everything else still 0, except for ph which is 7.7
  18. Marie1Well Known MemberMember

    Looks good. I've seen lots of people use pot scrubbers and Sterlite drawers for towers. Works great, and you can't beat the price!
  19. JJSLMNew MemberMember

    Exactly my point. It does what I need it to do, and is 99x cheaper than a prebuilt model.
  20. seoveValued MemberMember

    I used Comets to cycle my tank and once it cycled I took them back to the LBS.

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