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Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by kitty2234, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    I have 2 red (at this time) Jeweled cichlids. I am not sure if they are both females or a pair. The smaller one is darker in color. The larger one is slightly less dark red. BOTH are getting Large Bellies! Is this normal? Does a male get a large belly also?

    I have seen one breeding tube today. I think the eggs might come tonight.

    I have a 3rd Jewel cichlid, but it didn't red up when they did; so I seperated it to be a Back-up. This way I can throw it in, if the pair attact each other.

    The pair is NOT doing the face-sucking test! They stay together and don't fight, yet. They are trying to remove the dither fish (endler mixs) from their territory. The pair spend a lot of time hanging out in the java moss pile.

    I hope to get a much better camera - soon.


  2. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Surprise! New Eggs - Not Jewels


    Hi Friends,

    While I was worrying about the Jewels preparing to spawn; my Rainbow cichlids laid eggs.

    My jewels are cleaning away sections of the sand, but I haven't noticed any sign of courting. I hope the male (if I have one) is old enough to know what to do.

    I am preparing a tank for the Rainbow fry and I am testing the tank for the next 24 hours; to be sure it is safe. ****I think my heater is over heating the tank.


  3. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

  4. nippybettaWell Known MemberMember

    Nice. I thought Jewels were really aggressive, especially when breeding. Are the ok with the endlers? I think they're really showy cichlids.
  5. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi Nippybetta,

    I put the endler mixes in the tank for them to chase. I was expecting them to kill or eat some of them. Not one endler was hurt, so I finally removed some of them. I did that to reduce the worry that the Jewels might have. Since the Jewels are in a divided tank, they are able to see a tankfull of molly fry. I have noticed that they seem more worryed about the molly fry, then the endlers. They have made many grabs and some stalking through the plate glass.

    I am still worryed about if a Trio of Jewels can survive in one tank. The smallest and dullest might be a male. It still hasn't converted to breeding colors yet. Both of the other red ones, are moving the sand to clean a spot.

  6. lobster91185New MemberMember

    Out of the two of my jewels the one I thought was pregnant turned out to be the male. He looked like he had what appeared to be a belly but the smaller one ended up having the eggs. Don't be surprised if you never see them court. My female hardly came out of the fixtures (She is 1/4 the size of the other Cichlids in my tank). One day about 2 weeks ago I woke up to some eggs.

    I will say the male was larger, presumably because he did not eat much while he was defending the eggs from my Acei Cichilds. I'm not sure if they 'fatten' up so they can focus on protection or not. As far as color they both became pretty vibrant. The larger male a deeper red, the mom a brighter red.

    As far as aggression they both display a lot of aggression towards the other fish if they get close. Despite her size, the mother attacks the others if they near her fry. The father patrols the tank opposite of her...pretty amazing actually.

    I've since moved the fry to their own tank with their mother for now.

    Good Luck!
  7. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi Lobster,

    Thanks for the information. I was getting very worryed. If I am not worried about one of the tanks, I start to worry about another tank.

    My tank that I have setup for the fry, is getting up to 85 degrees F. According to the internet, that is within the range of the Rainbow cichlids. I might buy another heater tomorrow, just to play it safe. I have 1 fish in the tank to test it out for 24 hours. I picked a molly that has had a partially broken back; most of her life. She even managed to have a clutch of babies once already. She is pregnant now.

  8. lobster91185New MemberMember

    As long as the heater you have is rated for the size of tank you have you should be good. Just have a good in tank thermometer and check it daily. In my experience, rainbows are pretty hardy fish. Just make sure you have something for the fry to eat!
  9. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi Lobster,

    I went to the LFS yesterday to pickup more food for them, to be on the safe side. I had a long errand this morning and waited until I came back home to check on everything. The fry tank was over 90% (I had not moved the fry yet). I went to the LFS today to look for a cheap heater for the small tank and chose a betta heater. The fry tank is only a 2.5 gallon tank and they will only be in it for a few weeks or so. Then when they look big enough they will get a 10 gallon.

    I hope to move some of my fish into a 29 gallon, this Sunday. I am also working out a plan to set up some tanks in the cellar, as soon as I can regulate the water temperature.

    I changed the heater when I came home to the betta heater and removed the test fish. The test fish was still alive and almost cooking in the water! I then went upstairs and brought the eggs on the pot downstairs and put them in the fry tank. These eggs are the Rainbow Cichlid and the mother is not happy that I left her behind. I plan to move her and her mate to another tank after I setup some of the tanks in the cellar.

    **The Jewels do not seem to have spawned yet. The breeding tubes have been down for around 3 days now and they are starting to get more aggressive towards the 3rd Jewel. I am not sure if it is needed and the aggression isn't too bad yet.

  10. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi Friends,

    Another surprise! Even though I can't see their eggs - my Jewels are definately guarding a clay pot. Both of my Red colored Jewels are staying in the pot and barely come out to eat, now.

  11. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    That's cool! Keep us updated :D

    How is the other Jewel doing?
  12. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi Cichlidnut,

    The JEWELS are really getting me confused. Yesterday - all day - they guarded the clay pot. After I turned the lights off - they stopped guarding the pot. This morning, all three jewels are acting like buddies again!?

    I have also noticed that the biggest and reddish one has an enormous belly, still.

    **Now, I am not sure if I should try to move the 3rd one or not? Jewels are much more confusing than the Rainbows! (I love a challenge). Today, I hope to play musical tanks since I want to rearrange my room of tanks.


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