Jewel Trigon 190 And External Filter

  1. Firmy

    Firmy New Member Member


    Im looking at getting myself a external filter for my Trigon 190.

    Has anyone got one with the same tank, if so how did you remove the internal filter housing and place the new pipes from the external?

    Do you have to cut any of the lid flaps from the tank?

    I am looking at the Fluval 306 External, is their another like this that i should be looking at also?

    And finally is there going to be a increase of volume at all, as the internal is quite quiet, as the tank is situated in the living room..

    Many Thanks
  2. finnipper59

    finnipper59 Well Known Member Member

    I can promise that external filters are very quiet. No humming like air pumps. But unfortunately, I'm not familiar with how to remove your internal filter. You may need to Google the company for contact information and ask technical support.