Jewel Cichlid Is Very Sick Help

  1. CameronRyan

    CameronRyan New Member Member

    Hello im new here and need some help.

    Water Perimeters
    Nitrate 0
    Nitrite 0
    Ammonia 0
    PH 7

    90 gallon (long )
    1 Oscar
    10 Red Jewel Cichlids
    Planted, driftwood (aquarium safe)
    Fully cycled 1yr
    No new fish, plants, decor for 6 months
    Weekly 40% water changes using prime.

    Ok so I was given an Oscar via a rescue about 6 months ago just as my breeding pair of Jewel cichlid were having fry. No issues among the two completely different cichlid species. However in 1 month 3 cichlids have become vertical standing and what i see is some sort of fungus on mouth and swollen body. Ive added pics to help. Tank was medicated for an all in one remedy, but no success in curing whatever it is. 20180113_230415.jpg 20180113_230512.jpg 20180113_230459.jpg 20180113_230446.jpg 20180113_230120.jpg 20180113_230313.jpg

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  2. T

    ThreadfinQueenx New Member Member

    It looks like cotton mouth to me i would advise a cotton mouth medication and I've head that cichlids sometimes stand vertical and it's normal? Make sure you're tank is oxyenated enough and also you should always check the background of the fish like any diseases it's had in the past. It could be GH or KH water hardness/softness and you're tank parameters may not be suitable for all you're fish or if you have overstocked you're tank. Also make sure you gravel syphon, wash decor, remove any debris from the tank, and scrub the inside of the glass from algae. Make sure there is no metal in the tank either.
  3. OP

    CameronRyan New Member Member

    Thank you for the tips, I have sterilized the decor gravel vacuum and scrub the glass. KH and PH are in perimeters for the 2 species. Sadly the fish died sometime in the night.
  4. OP

    CameronRyan New Member Member

    The Red Jewels were born and raised in that tank. Not sure if that changes anything. Well moving forward. Thanks again.