Jester's Flucanozole Hair Algae Removal Experiement


Obviously it will need more time to monitor the long term effects. But here are my findings thus far. The initial treatment was not popular with my Branching Hammer, but it did bounce back after a week or two and I did lose a few extra snails (didn't do any harm to the fish, hermits or any real harm to the corals though). I did a dose for a month with 0 water changes and just had Chaeto for filtration (since you have to pull the media bags out for the treatment). The Chaeto did fine with it as well. Here my tank was just a few weeks before beginning treatment (notice all the crud in the rocks):

Here is what my tank looks like after a month of a single dose size for my tank with no water changes, followed by a 20 gallon water change and waiting for another week:

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I always struggled with hair algae when I had my little salty tank, it’ll be interesting to see your findings at the end of your experiment.
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I am just checking to make sure I don't have any side effects. If you see the videos though it definitely worked for clearing out the ugly algae.

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