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    So I decided to chronicle Jean-Claude's ordeal, because frankly I have never had a betta (or any fish for that matter) with this many problems.

    I got him on November 21, two days after my birthday, and for the first 6 days all appeared to be going fine.

    Then on the 7th (November 28th) day I started noticing white specs all over his body that looked like salt. I consulted the wonderful people of fishlore and began taking certain precautions: raising water temp, putting his food in garlic juice, daily gravel vacs and water changes.

    November 29th, Jean-Claude is no longer swimming happily. He is laying on the bottom of the tank at an approximate 45 degree angle and not even bothering to go up to the top for air. Continue to raise temperature, water changes, etc.

    November 30th, he is still not swimming. I get a breeders net to keep him closer to the surface. He goes up for air about once an hour.

    December 1st. Jean-Claude is swimming again and the white specs have finally disappeared. I am so happy people begin to think I am going crazy. Then I notice small white worm-like things crawling on the glass of his tank. At first I think it is the larval stage of the ich, but I am informed that at this stage I should not be able to see them. It is suggested that it may be planaria. Temp is finally 84 degrees. Do another graval vac and water change.

    December 2nd. Jean-Claude is still swimming and the white ich spots are still gone. There is still planaria on the glass. And now there is a big chunk missing from his tail! Another water change. Another gravel vac. Food in the garlic juice (he is once again refusing to eat pellets or flakes, even when they have been in garlic. he will only eat bloodworms). Temp tank is still 84.

    Will post an update tomorrow.

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  2. snow067New MemberMember

    My brother has owned an aquarium for 30+ years, and I have learned that each pet store will tell you something different.
    However, I know that beta’s hate light, and they usually need to be in room temperature.
    The white spots sound like it was probably ick. I have found products containing the active ingredient Malachite Green to be quite dependable. Fish ick can also be cured with ick medications containing Chelated Copper Sulfate, which can treat your water for up to a month. Even if you do not have fish ick at this moment, there is a 99% chance that your aquarium will acquire this fish disease at some time.

    I do not know what to say about his tail. Is he in there alone? Good luck, let me know how he is doing.
  3. Shawnie

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    im going to respectfully disagree..bettas love light and consistent tropical temps...78-80F is preferred...the higher temps the OP is using is to kill the ich cycle...meds arent usually needed for ich , and can be taken care of with just the warmer temps...
  4. OP

    JaneAustenAddictValued MemberMember

    I am sad to announce that after 4 months Jean-Claude has passed away. He was a fighter up until the very end. He had good days and bad days, there were times when he seemed fine for a week or more, and other times when he would spend two or three days in his breeder net. Unfortunately, I believe that he was ill when I purchased him and never managed to recover.

    Dexter, whom I purchased much earlier than Jean-Claude is still going strong, and I am hoping that he will live well into his 5th year much like his predecessor Hughie.
  5. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Jean-Claude.

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