Java sword damage and snail id help

Good afternoon fellow fish-heads,
This darker damage showed up on my Java fern, just this week. I’ve had some obvious snail sign on the other plant (sorry, can’t remember the name) but this looks a bit different. I believe it’s a pond snail, please id.
Oh, and the “other plant” (please id) seems to have leaves that look dirtier than others... is that just algae that my oto-cats have missed? Sorry, my -hoots are not in logical order.
From what I understand, the dark spots with holes in the leaf are most commonly associated with a potassium deficiency. It could be caused by other things though.

Your snail looks like a young ramshorn snail to me.

Your last plant looks like a hygrophila.
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Thanks! I’ll look into the possible potassium issue.

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